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The birth of Ganesha – destroyer of obstacles and the lord of new beginnings, is celebrated across India with much fervour. But the enthusiasm of Ganesh Chaturthi is particularly witnessed in Maharashtra. Some of the longest Ganpati Visarjan processions take place in Mumbai – lasting for about 24 hours! With Ganesh Chaturthi just around the corner, the celebratory moods have set in and amidst all the hustle-bustle of its preparations here’s what some of these &TV artists have to say as they welcome Bappa in their homes and hearts.

Sayali Sanjeev a.k.a Vidhita from Perfect Pati
“Ganesh Chaturthi has always been the most special festival for me. We always get shadu mati idols at home, which are completely eco-friendly. I ensure that I use eco-friendly decorations too, no fresh flowers, artificial ones that are beautiful and reusable. I also light up the mandir with clay diyas, keeping it simple. This year too we’ll be having a puja at home with close family and friends. All I wish and pray to Bappa is to keep my family in good health and for my new show Perfect Pati to be a great success.”

Ayush Anand a.k.a Pushkar from Perfect Pati
“I believe bringing home an eco-friendly Ganpati idol is one of the best ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. This way we can perform our rituals and at the same time serve the society by keeping it clean. My mom always comes from Delhi to celebrate and welcome Ganpati at our house in Mumbai and this year is going to be no different. Eagerly waiting for my mom’s arrival along with Ganeshji. As for the wishes, that is a secret between me and Bappa.., can’t reveal it. But one of them has to be blessings for my new show Perfect Pati to do very well!”

Saumya Tandon a.k.a Anita from Bhabi ji Ghar Par Hain
“I honestly have mixed feelings regarding the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. We do have many idols of Ganeshji in our home but we do not immerse the idol. As much as I understand and appreciate our religion and history, the immersion of Ganesha is not part of our culture. It was something that Lokmanya Tilak started during the freedom struggle. The idea of eco-friendly idols is also something that I do not support as I feel it’s a mere lip service. I am absolutely against the ritual of immersing idols as I strongly believe that they cause immense water pollution, dirties the coastal lines and kills the sea life. It is disgraceful to see the same idol that we worship and revere, lying on the beaches broken. The processions that are carried during Ganesh Chaturthi are extremely noisy, some people are drunk and misbehave on streets, the kind of music that is played does not depict any kind of religious sentiment, it causes traffic and disrupts the normal life. I believe festivals are meant to be celebrated peacefully and religiously, causing disturbance to others or the environment is not a sign of an evolved society. Keeping the sanctity of the festival intact, we have a puja at home. I decorate the house and sweets are prepared at home, that’s how I prefer celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.”

Sachin Shroff a.k.a Nand Baba of Paramavatar Shri Krishna
“I’m quite religious in real life and I always seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings before starting anything auspicious. So celebrating Ganeshotsav with family and friends is something I have been doing for the past 10 years and I hold this festival very close to my heart. In true sense, he is a ‘Vighnaharta’ so all that I ask from him is happiness, harmony, and good health and if time permits, I will definitely be visiting some pandals as well as friends who have Ganpatiji at their homes. Talking about the idols, I strongly believe that eco-friendly idols can help us do good for the environment and the idol visarjan can be done at home itself without harming any water life or environment. I wish everyone a joyous Ganesh Chaturthi and I hope we all celebrate the festival safely.”

Farnaz Shetty a.k.a Siddhi of Siddhivinayak
“I think Ganesh Chaturthi is a really beautiful and warm festival, particularly since it gives the entire family a chance to bond after a brief period of separation. I have always worshipped Lord Ganeshji and believed him to be the reason behind my constant success. In fact, as a kid, I always thought that any wish whispered in Ganeshji’s ear, will surely come true in life. Working currently with the television industry, I think the wish did come true considering I play a character named ‘Siddhi’ in a show on &TV that is titled ‘Siddhivinayak’. Although I won’t be able to host Ganpatiji at home this time due to my tough working schedule, I hope to do so next year with a small size eco-friendly Ganpati. On this occasion, I urge people to celebrate a harmless and less polluted eco-friendly festival.”

Shubhangi Atre a.k.a Angoori Bhabhi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain
“I am a bit of a spiritual person and have always believed that Lord Ganesha resides within us and is always there by our side. During the 10 days of this festival, I often keep a fast or promise to Ganeshji to keep myself away from a negative habit. While many people believe in the Ganesh Visarjan tradition, I believe that the pollution that is caused due to the celebration of this festival surely affects the Earth’s environment thereby leading to several natural calamities. Adopting eco-friendly Ganesh idols can somewhere help to reduce the pollution and lay out a different and positive message to the future generation. Guiding me to the right decisions of my life, I hope Ganeshji also brings great happiness and good health to all his devotees.”

Rohitashv Gour a.k.a Tiwari Ji of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain
“I realized the value and scale of Ganesh Chaturthi only after moving out from Kalka, Chandigarh and shifting to Mumbai. I began celebrating this festival for 1 ½ days with my family after getting married but considering the environmental impact and damage caused by the normal Ganesh idols, we decide to switch over to eco-friendly ones. Since the last 2 years, we have been celebrating the festival with eco-friendly idols for 5 days while constantly urging people via videos to do so as well. Like every year we would be hosting Ganeshji at our home and on this occasion, I wish that our show ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’ continues climbing the ladder of success while spreading happiness.”

Himanshu Malhotra a.k.a Lord Vishnu of Paramavatar Shri Krishna
“Ganesh Chaturthi is one festival which we all celebrate enthusiastically, especially we Mumbaikars since it holds a special place in our hearts. I have continuously since the past 7 years brought Ganpati Bappa home and celebrated. I believe we all get what we deserve so this Ganesh Chaturthi I just ask Bappa to shower his love and blessings on me and my loved ones. However, I feel that the festival has become too commercial and wanted to do something different and put a meaning to it. So, when I came across the idea of the eco-friendly festival, I started with Ganesh Chaturthi and brought home eco-friendly Ganesha and urged all my relatives and friends to do the same. Moreover, as the concept itself says eco-friendly so bringing home an eco-friendly idol, we will be taking a step towards saving the environment and reducing water pollution. Hence, I urge everyone to think about the concept of eco-friendly and take a step towards saving our environment.”

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