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Nawab Masood Abdullah of Sheesh Mahal, Lucknow is very operative in his contribution towards Lucknow’s Cultural Heritage. Besides this, he’s also famed for his social work. He is very passionate about acting on stage as well as in Bollywood. Here’s the abstract of his interaction with Ishika Sethi.

Ishika: Lucknow also known as “The City of Nawabs” is famous for its cultural heritage, how do you think you make a difference in that and your contribution towards it.

Nawab Masood Abdullah: Lucknow is renowned for its Cultural Heritage which is full of Nazakat, tehzeeb, dance, cuisine and clothing, all around the World. This rich Cultural Heritage is gifted to us by the founders of Awadh Dynasty. It is a composite culture where people of all religions and beliefs co-exists peacefully with utmost brotherhood and integrity. A true Lucknowite can be recognized by the way he speaks, his demeanour, his attitude and-so-forth. On my part, I try to spread the message to preserve our heritage which is somewhere losing its charm because of the progressing world. We usually do this by arranging stage-plays, orientations, lectures and motivating our people.

Ishika: You set an example in the realm of social work which is an epitome of humanity. Could you please tell us about what all you do?

Nawab Masood Abdullah: For the sake of humanity you should always respect other religions and have kind and compassionate feelings towards others. This coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Many people have lost their livelihoods and are suffering in some way or the other. So, we on our part tried to help those people in need as much as we can. Also, we deal in Fashion designing and supply clothes to different parts of the world on order but amidst this pandemic we got no orders. So, to help the craftsmen who work for us, we provided them work by investing in ourselves so that they can take care of themselves and their families.

Ishika: That’s so kind of you! Would you like to share some highlights of your incredible career? And what do you personally prefer – acting on stage or acting in Bollywood?

Nawab Masood Abdullah: By profession, I have been a professor of the Commerce Department since 1989. During my childhood I used to design jewellery for my father. After my marriage, my wife Begum Almas Abdullah started costume designing as she wanted to help the people in need. Subsequently, I joined her and we started designing costumes by reviving authentic traditional Lucknowite Hand embroidery such as Chickan, Aari Zardozi, Mukaish, Aplic work and so on. We also had our exhibitions exhibited by Taj Groups in Mumbai. Then in 2005-06 Taj Groups also sponsored our exhibition in New York. After that, we launched our Brand known as “AlMasood Creations” by combining our names which in Arabic means ‘The Happiness’. We also exhibited our stuff in the World Craft Summit which was held in Chennai a few years ago.

Moreover, I’ve been a Jury member for NIFT Fashion Shows, Food shows such as Food Food Maha Challenge & Khana Khazana and also various other fashion shows.

I personally prefer acting on stage because I’ve been fond of stage shows since my school and college days. At that time too, I organized and performed in many stage shows. Also, recently I’ve directed some plays such as Begum Hazrat Mahal, Awadh ke Ram, Ankaha Lucknow (which was attended by Former Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Lalji Tandon) to name a few. Besides this, I’ve worked in several TV shows like Crime petrol, Saavdhaan India etc and various movies and web series. I do stage shows with all my heart and act in Bollywood just for my passion.

Ishika: How was your experience to work with Mr. Bachchan in Gulabo Sitabo?

Nawab Masood Abdullah: It was a phenomenal experience to work with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in Gulabo Sitabo. I would like to quote an instance; it was the month of May-June, when we were shooting for the Movie. And after our scene was over, I was sweating, so despite being a legendary actor he asked the spot boy to arrange a pedestal fan for me and then he asked the spot boy to turn the face of AC from his side towards mine. This shows how minutely he observes things. I was amazed to see his dedication, the way he handles his getup and costume is exceptionally amazing. And the best thing is that he never lets his co-actors feel inferior.

Ishika: Any message that you would like to give to the youngsters and page3star readers?

Nawab Masood Abdullah: I would like to request our youngsters to always respect our elders because, our elders are the pillars of our life and also treat our younger ones in a proper way because our younger ones learn by seeing us. In addition, I would also like to say that we should preserve our Cultural Heritage because our heritage is our dignity.

Ishika: Thank you Nawab Sahab! It was an honour to have a conversation with you.

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