Himanshu Malhotra replaces Vishal Karwal as Lord Vishnu in &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna

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Worshipped as the protector and preserver of the world, Lord Vishnu’s powerful stories have held great significance in mythology. &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna that previously saw Vishal Karwal playing the impactful role of Lord Vishnu has beautifully portrayed these marvellous stories with equally impactful visuals. The actor who aptly presented the Lord as the protector of justice and morals has been replaced with a new face who will carry forward this historic role. Soon to be seen in Lord Vishnu’s avatar will be television actor Himanshu Malhotra who will bring in his owninimitable style to the role while protecting the villagers of Vrindavan and restoring order to the world.

Himanshu has been a part of the television industry for more than 13 years now which encompasses his journey from television to Bollywood, even taking on the mantle of an Associate Producer ofsome Bollywood films. Along with depicting many iconic roles in multiple shows in the past, his participation in various dance reality shows is memorable in itself. Gathering knowledge from anumber of different genres, Himanshu also began his own talk show where he interviewed various renowned television celebrities.

Excited to make his debut in the mythology space, Himanshu said, “I have read and heard a lot about the various stories and myths associated with Indian religion and culture. The most classic stories that I have grown up listening to were those of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu, which are also typically narrated to many children. I am inclined to mythology as a genre and quite enthusiastic on enacting Lord Vishnu’s character in Paramavatar Shri Krishna, bringing alive all those stories that until now were limited to my books. Entering a new genre is difficult and challenging but I believe gradually as the character’s role progresses, the learnings derived from playing such a character willhelp me push my limits and improvise thereon. I have always been open to experimenting with different work that makes me happy and this is a new, exciting beginning. I hope viewers continue to give me and the show their love and support.”

Tune into Paramavatar Shri Krishan every Monday – Friday 8:30 pm only on &TV!

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