Body requires high calorie diet in this season (Mid Feb-March)

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DR RAJ KUMAR SHARMA shares his Ayurveda mantra to good health: Let food be your medicine and not medicine be your food

SISHIR RITU CHARYA (mid-Jan to mid-March)

This season in India and neighbouring countries is ending of winter. Like mid-winters in this season body requires high calorie diet up to mid-February and gradually shifting to light diet up to March.
Staple Food recommended for this season is wheat, rice and corn. Vegetables for this season should include carrots, turnip, cauliflower, potatoes, peas, ginger, garlic, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, methi (fenugreek leaves), Arbi, kachalu & lady fingers. Fruits recommended for this season are apple, banana, chiku, papaya, oranges, guava, amla and grapes. Dry Fruits include resins, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, dates, figs, pine cone seeds and almonds. Spices recommended are cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, fenugreek seeds, saffron, turmeric, tej patra, black cardamon, ajwain, cumin, black pepper and piper longum and asafoetida.
Non-vegetarian food is not recommended for human consumption in any season as it was never a natural food for man.
Lifestyle for Sishir season should include avoiding chilly winds, but one must walk, play and perform yoga Asnas. 7-8 hours sleep must be taken as per individual body requirement, one should wear warm and comfortable clothes and should gradually shift to light clothes from mid-February onwards.

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma is the Principal of Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar and the Editor of popular health magazine DAV Ayurveda

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