Zee Anmol presents ‘Zeher ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya’

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After the successful journey of belief versus superstitions Zee Anmol India’s leading FTA (Free to air) television channel takes its popular show Kala Teeka forward in a new avatar ‘Zeher Ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya’. 

 A complicated and impossible love story marred with deceit and a dark secret which will shake the foundations of a seemingly perfect relationship, Zeher Ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya will take viewers through Aparajita’s unique journey as she discovers and accepts her true identity of being a ‘vishkanya’. Zeher Ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya will go on air starting 5th February 2018, every Monday to Sunday at 9:30 PM on Zee Anmol

 ‘Zeher Ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya’ is the story of a beautiful young girl Aparajita (Aishwarya Khare), who is unaware of her other-worldly powers which make her a ‘vishkanya’ – a venomous girl whose body fluids can poison anyone if they come in contact with her. Aparajita, raised by her mother Kalpana (Rohini Banerjee), has always had a very strict and secure upbringing. Her mother has never allowed her to step out of the house citing health complications as a reason. However, soon Aparajita starts questioning everything around her and sets out on a journey to discover her true identity to get answers to all the questions which have been hounding her for years. Aparajita soon crosses paths with Malay (Vin Rana) and the two fall in love and decide to get married. Soon after their wedding, Aparajita learns about her true identity and a uncovers a secret which will shake her and her entire family’s foundation. Taking the story forward from Kaala Teeka, Zeher Ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya promises to add intrigue and suspense as Aparajita and Malay unravel the many mysteries shrouding their lives while attempting to safeguard their blossoming relationship. Watch this marvellous journey as Aparajita fights fate to untangle herself from the web of her cursed past. 

Zeher Ka Kaala Teeka Vishkanya premieres on Monday, 5th February 2018 at 9:30 pm and will air every Monday to Sunday only on Zee Anmol!

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