Ravi’s ‘Bhaukaal’ roars loud in IPS Navniet Sekera’s real life depiction

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An individual connected well connected to its roots, Ravi Pandey speaks ups about his upcoming projects and experiences with Page3 Star. Sanjana took out the best of abstract, in her interaction with Saleem from Bhaukaal.

Sanjana: Where did you grow up?

Ravi: I was born in Calcutta and brought up in Etawah. Sultanpur is basically my native place, where we have our agricultural land. When I was only 6 months old, I came to Etawah and education was upheld there, after that I shifted to Delhi for MBA. While pursuing my MBA this thought of acting came up to my mind and I joined theatre with Rajesh Dua and Arun Mathur. I went to Shree Ram Center, but I was not able to continue after 2months due to some personal reasons.

Sanjana: What is your most embarrassing and happy moment you can recall?

Ravi: Every moment in which I make someone happy is a happy moment for me. Whenever I am able to help someone gives me great satisfaction and There is no as such particular happy moment for me. As far as it, concerns about the embarrassing moment, there was a time when I haven’t slept for 3 days, because of my strict shooting schedule. I was completely exhausted, that I took 7 retakes that was the most embarrassing moment for me. Because my aura which I have created in delivering the dialogue in one go was getting harmed.

Sanjana: How was your experience while working with our jhansi ki rani Kangana Ranaut?

Ravi: It was great working with them, the crew, director, my co-stars everyone was very clear about everything. Kangana is very down to earth, she never throws any tantrum on set, she treats her co-stars and crew very humbly. Kangana was director and actor both in Manikarnika, and was playing both her roles very nicely. I was amazed to see an actor, who can direct as well so nicely but she did it.

Sanjana: You played a major part in Bhaukaal, have you ever got the chance to meet the real bhaukaali Navniet Sekera while shooting, how does it feel to be a part of a biography of such a person who changed the definition of safety of woman.

Ravi: Yes, the shooting was done in Lucknow, Malihabad, Barabanki and Mumbai, Mr. Sekera visited us 2-3 times and gave a lot more information about the incidences happened which helped us a lot in creating that stage and also guided Mohit and gave many tips.

Mr. Sekera is a real hero. He follows his principle thoroughly; he respects his father and listens to him blindly. He has done so many things for girls which has decreased the ratio of crime. He is a divine personality which has make every woman feel safer.

Sanjana: Do you feel this witch hunting is right or wrong, as there are many other celebrities who have been involve in the past for drugs, bomb blast, car run away but none of them faced anything like this?

Ravi: Even after being a part of this industry, I know as much as a common civilian do, through newspaper and electronic media. I can only wish and believe that the jurisdiction will take the right decision and culprits will be behind the bars and innocent will come out with flying colors. We should be staying away from drugs as we are social personalities and people make us there ideal, so we shall not do anything that harms the values of the society.

Rhea’s trial will be held by CBI and they will come out with the result, and she is a lady so she should be respected on that grounds. The court is there to punish her, if she is found guilty, then too common public and media is not the one who will decide her punishment. And no one should make any statement before the law finds her guilty.

Sanjana: You have already worked with Kangana, do you feel her allegations are correct and your views on her calling Urmila Matondkar a soft porn star?

Ravi: As an individual, we can put our views in front of everyone but CBI and our honorable court is there to give the judgement. If you want others to respect you, then at first you should start respecting them. We should never give any personal comment about anyone. Everyone has their own views, who I am to pass any comment on anyone.

On Urmila, no one shall compare her with a soft porn star. She was a marvelous actor of her time, I don’t agree with this statement of her. It’s ok not to be agreed on a similar point but you cannot say anything like this about anyone.

Sanjana: So, what are your upcoming projects, when is the second season of Bhaukaal is coming?

Ravi: in October my poison 2 will be aired on Zee5. Then after that a series on Netflix will be released Virkar v/s Anti Social Network in which Prateek Babbar, Ashish Vidhyarthi and Ashu Pandit are playing a major role, I am playing the role of a sub inspector. There are some projects whose shooting will be starting from January onwards. So, there is enough to come out.

Sanjana: Do you feel for a small town, it is difficult of set their footprint in glamour industry?

Ravi: Not at all, where I was born and brought up, from there I have learned a lot, which a metro city person can never learn. Being a small townie helps me in playing my part more.

Sanjana: Any message for our youth. You want to convey?

Ravi: Yes! I want to request them to stay away from drugs and to focus on their work and if they want to come in performing arts then go for theatre first, which polishes them. For everyone else I want to say life is beautiful enjoy every bit of it, please don’t let the negative thoughts of suicide come into your mind. Every problem has a solution, talk to your loved one, don’t get depressed, go out of your home feel the air. Don’t take any step which makes your friends, family, nation feel ashamed.

Interviewed By:
Sanjana Garg Agarwal

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