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Keeping URI, Satellite Shankar, Mumbai Cops and many more in his kitty, the very talented Anurag Mishra, interacted with Sanjana recently and shared his experiences, challenges and shared wonderful tips for the budding actors. Here are some of the abstracts –

Sanjana: What are the difficulties you faced in achieving your dreams?

Anurag: First of all, I haven’t achieved my dreams yet and I am still in process of achieving them. According to me that was my journey, and everyone should see things this way only, there are ups and downs which show you good and bad days both. I will, take this way only. You face problems on daily basis, sometimes you get the solution, sometimes you don’t. I was having such a wonderful family support, that always gave the strength. Whenever I wanted to give up, they were there to push me a little and encourage me. Some close friends are there, who always say “chal yaar ek baar aur try karte hai”

So I don’t consider there are any difficulties, it’s just you face some bad situation which are a part of your journey.

Sanjana: Despite several roles done by you, which one you feel is close to your heart in terms of work experience?

Anurag: Whenever anyone thinks of acting, they want to become a hero only, doing romance, singing songs, trying to catch saffron dupatta of heroin, I also wanted to become a hero, but yeah! I am doing a web series of ALT balaji Mumbai Cops, I am playing a role of a gangster in that, I enjoy that aura of larger than life, limelight, attitude style everything is so much fun, because it is the latest, I am enjoying that the most.

I was a part of URI and Satellite Shankar, I acted as an army person in both. Specially in URI we were provided with a special training of one month. We enjoyed those things a lot, it doesn’t matter your role is small or a big one; what matters is you should enjoy that and should learn something from that.

If I talk about something current scenario than I am loving my role in Mumbai Cops.

Sanjana: What do you personally prefer a film city in Noida or in Lucknow as declared by the honorable CM?

Anurag: As a Lucknowite, I want it to be in Lucknow, but what matter is that it is in U.P. This decision by Honorable Yogi ji is going to be very productive in future. Whether it is Noida or Lucknow the main thing is how to operate it, because if we only make a film city without any projects running in that than it is useless. Previously a place in Noida was built by the name of film city but it never became productive. So government and people who are into this industry should find a way by which producer, artist, production house everything can be of U.P. only.

Otherwise shoots are happening today also, but people come here they work with the local artists exploit them, and then they go back. Sometimes I feel personally that there exploitation is taking place on a large scale.

Availability of artist, location and everything else is in Lucknow much more than Noida. So, if we see this way than the film city should be in Lucknow only. Some associations are also there which are working for the betterment of artists. Lucknow is the capital, the center of U.P. So, off course Lucknow is a better option.

Sanjana: Tell us more about your acting classes you give to kids and adults or may be some expert tip to young actors?

Anurag: From my theatre days, I used to assist people in acting, so this thought came into my mind like — this is what I want to do, I use to enjoy that. When I passed out from FTII and came to Mumbai to pursue my acting career. I was contacted to work as an acting trainer and since last 3 years I am working with them as the HOD in Indian Television Academy. I worked in Jaipur, Indore and last I worked in Pune.

I never try to implement my techniques on them, as I see many teachers do. I try to find the hurdles which they are facing while acting whether it is there hesitation, mental blockages, emotional blockages because it happens. I faced it myself in my early days, I was very much hesitant. Shy because of some reasons, so when I came to theatre many things, keep coming in my ways of acting. That what I try to understand in my students also, that what difficulties are they facing, I personally work on their problems, I try to give everyone my personal attention as every human has their own issues and need. As an actor if I am going to teach everyone in the same manner, then it will not be useful. Someone’s own hesitation, ego, attitude is the biggest issue. So I try to work to that.

Relocation never effected my acting career because of the people with whom I am working with always understood me, and gave me the freedom during my work days also. But yeah because of this reason, I choose quality projects. Because of this job, I don’t have to think about my survival

Sanjana: Any incident in film industry that changed the way you think or act you wants to mention.

Anurag: There is no as such particular incident, but from quite a while I noticed that your PR should be very strong. I always thought whether it is theatre or television your acting should be good. If audience like your acting than you will get projects automatically, but no, we should treat yourself as a product, we should know how to sell yourself. You have to handle social media in a way, which makes it eye catchy. Your casting depends on the followers you have on Instagram. How much you are coming in news for which PR companies are there. I knew it before also, that it effects but this much it effects I never knew. But now I am understanding this thing and trying to go with the trend.

This changed the way I think, that only acting is not important others things are equally important.

Sanjana: As a public figure how to keep yourself updated with the incidents happening around and what are your reactions to current industry situations.

Anurag: I follow news, not television news because they are TRP driven. I prefer online news like Lallantop and few more. I like Saurabh Dwivedi in that because he always talks about the facts.

Sanjana: So, Anurag any views on the current situation on film industry

Anurag: I am thinking before giving my reaction, this can only tell you what my reaction is. Right now we are in a situation that whatever you react will make opinion about you.

Somehow two groups have been formed because of some reasons, groupism is there, favoritism is there I don’t have any issues with that till the time nothing wrong is happening with anyone because of this. Knowingly or unknowingly if you harm someone than that is wrong, if you are biased for someone than that is wrong, selective criticism and selective outrage is wrong. You are saying wrong to wrong is good, but whatever is wrong, you should raise you voice against that.

Anurag: Lucknow is love, there is nothing like home. People here are so lovely, after 10 years I got a chance to live in Lucknow for a long time. And I was surprise to see that Lucknow has developed so much. Nothing can beat Lucknow food; I miss the taste in Mumbai.

This pandemic crisis was difficult time that broke the spirit of chasing dreams but again friends n family supported n gave spirit to fight again and I am back to the fight.

Sanjana: Anything you want to say about Lucknow. Has this pandemic affected you someway?

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Sanjana Garg Agarwal
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