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An Indian television, film actor and host Manmohan Tiwari, is one of most dashing and out spoken person in industry, he speaks his mind freely. Has a very practical approach towards life. Coming from a small town Rishikesh and making a name in industry, he is doing it all.

Sanjana: Tell our reader the real Manmohan and his dreams as an actor.

Manmohan: Well there is a beautiful line for this, live your life like a stage, and so the same innocence, audience finds in my acting, is the real me. I am as naughty, fun loving, fearless as I am in my acting.

Sanjana: When did you realise that you want to become an actor, how was your family support?

Manmohan: I was in 6th standard, when I did a play on annual day function in my school, which was Shishu Mandir,        after that act I got so much appreciation and claps that I decided, I want this throughout my lifetime. Whenever anyone asked me in childhood, what I want to become, I was clear, that I want to become an actor. My father always wanted me to be a District Magistrate, my brother is an IAS, my father is an Advocate, but eventually they understood and supported me in my journey.

Sanjana: what memories or achievement you cherish the most?

Manmohan: There is a philosophy which I always follow that I cherish everything, even if I cook pulao late night, I enjoy that, after that even if anyone says that I am becoming fat, I don’t care. So, I cannot make any moment any less. When I was in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigyaand people started recognising me as an actor, they started loving my character, many a times my fellow co-stars use to say that, our scene gets edited, but yours never does, even if you add up 4 times the actual script. My performance becomes a part of my life, it’s not that people always appreciate, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I also judge my acting. But this a part of life, everyone wants to reach to the top floor, from where the whole world seems small, I also want to, but that doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy where so ever I am. So, I cherish everything in my life.

Sanjana: You acted as Radhey was quite popular in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya, how does it feel when you go out and people call you Radhey instead of Manhoman?

Manmohan: I feel very good! Obviously, you feel great when people recognise you by your character. There was a show which I participated Rakhi ka Swayamwar. People loved me for my identity, my first step of winning my audience heart started from there. And people loved me because of my attitude, my fearlessness, which is God gifted to me by birth. That helped me in my character Pratigya. Radhey was a character full of attitude full of fearlessness, giving a damn about anything. So what is inside you becomes your true self. If Anurag kashyap is going to make Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, it cannot be a big success, but if he is making Gangs of Wassepur, then it will be, it’s his flavour, the moment you get diverted from your flavour, you start looking fake. So what I am, I am. Till the time I am showing my true self, people will love me.

Sanjana: So Rakhi visited your home town, your family, everyone was thinking that you going to be the winner. So does that feels?

Manmohan: I also started thinking, that I am going to win the show that is why I left it, from the first day everyone got this very clear, that I want to become an actor and I have participated just to prove myself. I was not there for any marriage purpose, even Rakhi knew that. I told her on camera and off camera both my intentions. As I am an advocate so I know how to present my things in a twisted way on camera, I have that gift of god but yes on camera I was supposed to shower love on her so I did. I made her feel like Madhubala and I became her kishor kumar and Yes! I was scared that I can win the show, so I left that in between.

Sanjana: There is a word popping up now days nepotism, so has nepotism in the industry caused any problem for you as an actor?

Manmohan: Tell me one thing to whom you are going to leave your legacy for, obviously your kids, there no point of discussing it. You just asked me that you family supported you or not, of course my family supported me a lot. I was earning a handsome amount, by teaching karate and doing many other things, but I asked my father to send me 2k per month. So that will feel that I am still his little boy.

People should take nepotism as an advantage. A film is like a family, many people get job out it, which you and I can’t do. People from small town get so much opportunity and earning from movies. Eventually everything falls in audience’s hand that they want to love. Amitabh bachchan is such a big actor but he couldn’t make Abhishek such a successful actor like him, Raj Kumar was so much loved by the audience but Puru Raj Kumar couldn’t steel audience’s heart, Tushar Kapoor is having such a big legacy but Failed to prove himself with due respect acting was not their cup of tea.

This is a basic understanding, if you are having talent, you will survive otherwise not.

Sanjana: Do you think because of nepotism some people face a pull back, like Sushant Singh Rajpoot?

Manmohan: How that can even be said, may god bless his soul and May he rest in peace. Sushant has already got such big banner movies like Chichorre. He worked with Nitish Tiwari, Yash Raj Films. If nepotism was in his way then he would have not been able to leave his footprints.

If any day I am going to make a film and spend my 2 crores on that, I will take Ranbir Singh, Ayushman Khurana or Raj Kumar Rao as the main lead. I will never think about performing as a lead in that. Because they are investment. Nepotism doesn’t exist here.

Amitabh Bachchan and Amol Palekar both are big names. One was a commercial hero and other was from artistic cinema. If you take Dharmendra only, then all film cannot be done by taking Dharmendra, nor all film can be done by Amitabh.

Sushant did movie like Dhoni – the untold story, now Shahid Kapoor can’t say as why that movie was not offered to me.

This is favouritism not nepotism, it is all about day and night, and we have to win eventually.

Sanjana: Which upcoming projects we can see your appearance and your advice to bidding actor?

Manmohan: I will only advice them, to be happy, to be fun loving, because that shows up in your acting, see positivity in everything stay away from negativity.

You will continue watching me in Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari and Kumkum Bhagya, soon my Bhojpuri movie Daldal will be releasing, I have already signed one more movie with them, name has not yet been decided, so can’t tell you that. Most probably the shooting to be held in Lucknow only.

Sanjana: Your family is having a legal background and you are from acting but your wife is an IT professional. How you guys met?

Manmohan: Well this was an arranged marriage. She belongs to Pragraj, first time we met in siddhi Vinayak mandir, and that was love at first sight. Now we have a son also and we named him Rudransh Tiwari.

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Sanjana Garg Agarwal
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