Tripti Pahwa : Painting her heart out on Canvas everyday!

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Tripti Kaur Pahwa is one of the leading Indian relief mural artists of the generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of paintings and artworks in exhibitions. Here’s an abstract of her interaction with Ishika Sethi.

Ishika: Did you always want to be an artist and for how long have you been in this profession now?

Tripti: Ever since my childhood I had a keen interest in painting. Canvas, colours and art stuff used to fascinate me. And it’s almost been a couple of decades since I modulated my passion into my profession with the organisation named “KALAKRITI CREATIONS”.

Ishika: What’s the best thing about being an artist? And what all types of artwork are you into?

Tripti: Artists are very clear of heart. They have a unique perception and an amazing talent of painting their heart out on a canvas. They have a world of their own, a boundless world where they rejoice without the fear of being judged. They think with their heart and are usually very emotional. This is what makes them exclusive. I personally feel that whenever you do something with utmost dedication and devotion, it definitely comes out to be great. Now, coming to the artwork, I practice all kinds of artworks such as sculptures, oil painting, acrylic painting, fabric painting, broken and stained-glass painting, relief murals and so-forth. Also, recently I’ve added jewellery making to my series of work which is being absolutely loved by people.

Ishika: That’s astounding! What does art mean to you and what connection do you have to your art?

Tripti: Art is a form of expression. It is a therapy which allows the human mind and heart to express something that words cannot. A time capsule which captures that moment, that emotion, that feeling, is art. I have a very special connection with my art. I usually portray the struggles, the stiff arduous life of women in my artwork because somewhere deep down I can connect to them. Besides this, I have an immortal faith in Lord Krishna and because of which many of my paintings and my artwork is based on Lord Krishna.

Ishika: What in your opinion is integral to the work of an artist?

Tripti: According to me, self-satisfaction is the most substantial element for an artist. And whatever artwork you do, just do it very sincerely and honestly with wholeheartedness. In case you’ll do it forcibly with apathy, it will never turn out well. If your artwork satisfies your soul and you’ve put in sky-high efforts, then it would definitely please the viewers or the buyers.

Ishika: It’s perfectly true. What have been the most accentuated achievements of your career?

Tripti: I was awarded BAL MITRA AWARD 2016 by  the State Women and Child Development Department, UP. In 2017, I was felicitated in The FOLKTALES AWARD 2017 for being one of the top women entrepreneurs in UP. In 2018, I was rewarded SMMAY-2018 by Aura Foundation, SWAYAMSIDDHA AWARDS SEASON-5 by Anupma Foundation, AVADH SAMMAN-2018 and many more. I am also a NATIONAL RECORD holder for making a 21ft long miniature painting featuring Rajputana Royal Heritage ( by GLOBAL RECORD AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION).

Ishika: That’s remarkable. Thank you very much for sparing your precious time. It was a pleasure to talk to you.

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