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Varun Joshi, is a very diligent and proficient actor who’s known for his work in shows such as Bepannah 2018 (Colors Tv), Kumkum Bhagya 2019 (ZeeTv), Yeh hai Mohabbatein 2019 (Starplus) and many more. He has also won many laurels in the realm of modelling. Here are some abstracts of the discussion with Ishika Sethi.

Ishika: How did you embark on this Journey of yours?

Varun: I remember ever since my childhood; I was very fond of acting and dancing. When I used to go to the cinema with my parents, I used to get totally lost in my own world of thoughts and start dancing like nobody is watching me. Also, I got a few offers for the movies back then. In my school days, I used to dance in some events. Then, I contested for Prince Lucknow and got a position of 5th Runner Up. So, it all started this way.

Ishika: Alright, Varun. What was it that made you revamp your career from a software engineer to an actor?

Varun: As I told you, acting was something that was stuck in my head right from the beginning. But being from a very middle class typical Indian family, my parents wanted me to pursue a degree in engineering and then go for a normal 9 to 5 job. So, after being persuaded by my parents, I undertook software engineering and post that I worked with many companies and firms. But deep inside I was not satisfied with my job and that entertainment thing used to spin around my mind every now and then. Then I resigned from my job to do something that would make me happy and then I started DJing. After a few months, I tried my hands, on modelling and contested for Mr. Delhi 2017 & Mr. Elite North India 2017 and I got the position of 1st Runner up in both of the contests. Then I moved to Bombay and my journey as an actor started.

Ishika: What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Fashion’ and what does Fashion mean to you?

Varun: For most of the people, fashion is all about clothes they wear, shoes, sunglasses and stuff like that but for me it’s more of the way I carry myself with confidence while wearing any outfit. Fashion according to me does not mean being a brand savvy but to look presentable and make people wonder with every style that you go for.

Ishika: That’s great, Varun. What were your views when you first stepped into this world of glitter and glamour and what challenges did you face?

Varun: I encountered a lot of dream crushers and idea killers in the beginning. There were people who tried to held me back, whenever I strived to take a step forward. They demotivated me and doubted my worth. There were days when I got affected by all this but deep inside, I knew that I cannot let these people be the master of my fate. And I fought tooth and nail just to fulfill my dreams and prove those people wrong who were skeptical about me. Also, I faced a lot of challenges. I used to live in a PG and shared a room with four other people. I slept on the floor and ate vada pav just to manage my expenses. I worked tirelessly putting in all my blood, sweat and tears giving four auditions in a day. That time and those situations taught me a lot. A month after all this, I got my first role in “Bepannah”.

Ishika: Amazing! Would you like to give any message to our readers?

Varun: I just want to say, never doubt yourself. Today might not be the right day or the right time, but one fine day your stars will definitely be in your favour. You just have to wait patiently and trust yourself.

Ishika: Alright, Varun. Thanks a bunch! It was a pleasure talking to you.

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