The Dramebaazes Salute India’s youngest Single dad!

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Every week, Zee TV’s India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 3 acknowledges the unsung heroes of India and narrates their stories of courage, determination, and humanity through a special skit performed by the little Dramebaazes. The upcoming episode of the show will present the story of Aditya Tiwari, who adopted a boy with special needs and gave him a new life and family!

Li’l Dramebaaz Inayat portrayed the character of Binnie by replicating the mannerisms of a child with Down syndrome while Anish essayed the role of Aditya Tiwari who fought against all odds to adopt the boy. When Aditya decided to adopt Binnie, he could not do it as he himself was just 25 years old and the legal age for adoption is 30 years. However, Aditya did not give up and tried his level best and made all possible efforts. A determined Aditya paid multiple visits to the adoption centre, but the officials didn’t allow him to meet Binnie. When the situation appeared dubious, Aditya reached out to National Human Rights and got the centre banned as they had illegally kept Binnie under their custody. Well, it didn’t end here, Aditya even reached out to his biological parents and ministry to get the boy home. And, as they say, where there is a will there is a way, Aditya’s struggle paid off and he was finally able to change the law of adoption to bring Binnie into his life, thus becoming the youngest single man in India to have adopted a child.

Following the act, Aditya shared his inspirational story of struggle and determination. He said, “After a lot of struggle and multiple visits to the government office, I was finally able to legally adopt Binnie. My marriage took place after Binnie’s adoption and at the wedding, none of my family members or relatives were invited. We instead invited 10,000 especially abled people and distributed clothes to them. We also distributed food to animals on our special day. As per the government records, there are around 2,200 kids available for adoption, but in reality ,there are 21 million kids who are shelter less and need homes . I rechristened Binnie as Avneesh after the adoption and I was told by the adoption centre that he is handicapped and mentally sick. But, what he needs the most is immense love and care. I’m blessed to have him in my life. My son has changed my life”.

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