Sharman tells students at ICS’ ‘Never Be Defeated’

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Give your goals your 100% but don’t be too hard on yourself – and have faith in God. This was actor Sharman Joshi’s advice to students at the ‘Never Be Defeated’ webinar, organised by the Institute for Career Studies (ICS)

Addressing thousands of students and their parents from across India and other countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Qatar, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, Sharman emphasised on the importance of working hard but also taking out the time to relax and rejuvenate.

He exhorted students to be accountable for their actions. “Follow your heart and dreams but also take the responsibility of your decisions without blaming anyone,” he told them. Answering a student’s query about coping with parental pressure, Sharman said, “Be patient with your parents. They only have your best interests at heart.”

The actor also had some advice for parents: “You can do your best to nurture your children, give them good values and a good education. But after a point, you have to let them make their own choices. There’s no point in stressing because that will only stress out the kids more,” he said.

Dr Amrita Dass, Founder-Director, ICS, appreciated the actor for answering all the student queries like a “true mentor”. “I loved how Sharman talked about working hard and trying one’s best while also taking out the time to relax and be with loved ones. It was a mesmerising session!” she said.

Prof TS Powdyel, former Education Minister of Bhutan, who attended the event as a teacher, expressed admiration for the actor’s simplicity and honesty. “Mr Joshi connects so well with the audience at a genuine, human level. He is an actor but he doesn’t act. He manifests his authentic self and comes out so endearing and inspiring,” he said.

On Covid & Lockdown: Sharman reiterated the importance of positive thinking while talking about the pandemic, lockdown and the resulting stress. “A positive approach to life brings calmness and a sense of well-being. Fear only drags you down. Be thankful for being in this world, for the people around you, and smile,” he said.

HisAll is Well’ Mantra: Sharman talked about his own version of the ‘All is Well’ mantra. “I tell myself this every time I go up on stage for a performance. I also shared this with my son. There are three steps: Relax, have faith in your hard work, and then enjoy yourself!” he said.

His ‘Never Be DefeatedApproach: “If you allow yourself to be defeated, you only feel miserable. If you try but don’t succeed, you still feel good about having tried,” said Sharman. ‘Never Be Defeated’ is an annual motivational interaction organised by ICS for the benefit of students. Ever since it was established in 1985 by leading career counsellor Dr Amrita Dass, ICS has benefited lakhs of students in India and aboard through its robust career counselling, guidance and mentoring programmes.

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