Nails by Gunjan : Back in Shape & Style

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In today’s time,Nails Service Industry is the fastest growing industry under beauty umbrella.
After working for more than 10yrs in this industry we, at Nails By Gunjan ,realized that getting nail service has become an essential part of your Grooming. Everyday,we have alot of clients who come to get their nails done so to get them back in shape and style. Mostly they pick the popular designs with shine and crystals.

If you wish to get your nails groomed at home you can follow easy steps and get perfect nails.

  1. Always take care of you cuticles and skin around your nails.
  2. Keep them nourished by applying cream or lotion and cleaning cuticles with a cuticle remover.
  3. Before applying any nail polish, always apply a base coat and then apply 2 coats of your nail polish. Top it off with a shiny or transparent polish.
  4. Give all the coats of polish to completely dry before applying the next coat.
  5. Apply cuticle oil to give a finished look.

There are many techniques to beautify your nails by doing different nail art these days. If you’re comfortable, you can try the easy designs by using Toothpick, stickers or even painting brush. This adds an extra edge to your nails and make them beautiful.

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