Milind Raj ‘The Drone Man of India’ on ‘Drone Shakti’

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We welcome the next big step in promoting the drone technology in India. After liberalising Drone Rule in 2021, the government is giving us a massive boost to the drone industry by ‘Drone Shakti’. The budget 2022 announced ‘drone as a service’, which means the start-ups will be promoted to facilitate ‘Drone Shakti’ through various use cases and applications across Nation.

Drone-as-a-service is a clear indicator of the rising drone technology in India. There is no denying of the fact that India has already missed the bus in drone technology if we compare with China and USA. But this doesn’t stop us from putting more efforts to build a massive industry of drones in India.

Now India will use heavy drones for agriculture, farm management and spray system. Drones for railway monitoring and delivery technology is also getting a boost. Quantum of fee was also reduced to nominal levels irrespective of drone size. Moreover, the digital sky platform being developed as a user-friendly online single-window system in India. There will be easy window for drone registration and other essential licence process.

This is a great boost to drone industry.

– Milind Raj

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