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“Oh my god, look at her she is so fat!!”

“How come you are so thin don’t you eat anything?”

“My Goodness! You are so tall!! How is the weather up there?”

“Ha Ha, you are so short, didn’t you ever have Complan?

“You have a black complexion, why don’t you apply any fairness cream?”

Aren’t these lines familiar? Well of course yes because we all have heard some of these lines at least once in our lives. But the question is WHY??

Who decides the standards of NORMAL and BEAUTY??

We are living in a society where people define perfection and beauty by the colour of your skin, your body weight, your height and so on!!

Our society never realises the kind of negative impact it can have on the minds of those whom they say these things to. There are plenty of kids who grow up listening to these and end up becoming conscious and insecured about themselves. They start believing that they need to be fair skinned, of a decent height and have a perfect figure to be accepted or appreciated by the society.

Sometimes body shaming can become a perception where one does not sufficiently display masculinity or femininity. For example, men with wide hips or prominent breasts or lack of facial hair are sometime shamed for appearing feminine. Similarly, women have been body-shamed for their lack of femininity for either being too hairy, or for having broad shoulders, traits that are typically associated with men.

Body & face shaming can have a terrible impact on people, to a level where it can lead to low self esteem, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and even SUICIDE!! And it all happens when people feel their body and face cannot meet the SO-CALLED social criteria.

As per me, Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Groomer Pallavi Jaiswal, the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you need to remember is that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST CRITIC. You can NEVER allow others to decide how you look.

I feel that there are only three things one needs to focus on:

  • TO STAY CONFIDENT & REAL! That’s it!!!

And then they can achieve anything that they wish for.

My MANTRA is “Compliment yourself every day, why wait for others to do that for you. Love yourself because no one will ever be able to love you the way you do”

If you have any insecurities related to body and face shaming then please feel free to contact me to remind you how amazingly Fabulous you are!!!

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Author :: @pallavijaiswalofficial.
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