Christmas Day wishes of &TV actors

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Mohit Malhotra a.k.a Akarsh Sharma from Daayan

“My Christmas wish is for everyone to be blessed abundantly, especially those who are in need of blessings in the form of good health of mind and body, blessings for youth in terms of success with maybe their jobs or studies, and for the less fortunate. For myself, I would only wish for my new show Daayan to receive lots of love and good wishes. If I had a chance, I’d be a secret Santa for my brother Himanshu Malhotra who’s also an actor and I will gift him the new Sony alpha 7 since he has started this new initiative share and grow to help people around with his YouTube Channel. So, it would be very useful to capture his talks and lessons that he imparts. My favourite Christmas memory as a kid was playing secret Santa with my family where my parents would bring all the gifts and they were hidden in house and we had to find them so me and brother would compete to find the biggest gift wrapped and claim the right on it, I miss that the most!”


Tinaa Dattaa a.k.a Jhanvi Morya of Daayan

“I believe my gift from Santa came in quite early this year. I began shooting for my show Daayan just before Christmas ended and I think that’s the best gift I could have got on this occasion. With the onset of the new year I hope the show does tremendously well with viewers in the coming year. Although I don’t celebrate Christmas now, I have some priceless memories of celebrating it as a kid. I used to always play Mother Mary’s character in plays organized on Christmas. It was the one day I would look forward to because we went back home taking many goodies from my teachers who would dress as Santa. If I had the chance to be a secret Santa to someone, it would most probably be my dearest friend Ishita Ganguly. I share a close bong bond with her and the best gift I could gift her as Santa would be a delicious homemade ‘Macher Jhol’. It’s a mutual favourite and nothing makes the day better than indulging in authentic Bengali food in Mumbai.”


Yukti Kapoor a.k.a Agni from Agnifera

“My only wish is to get ample of holidays from my busy schedule of shoots for my show Agnifera, so that I can travel the world. I miss traveling, learning new culture, meeting new people that is something that makes me the happiest. As a kid I was a total Santa believer and I would think that the story of Santa leaving you gifts stuffed in stockings were true, so I would keep socks outside my door but to my disappointment would wake to nothing but those socks lying outside my door. When my parents saw how sad I was they got me something special and ever since then this became a tradition every year of receiving gifts from my parents like a little girl (laughs). If I had a chance of being a secret Santa to someone it would definitely be for my friend Madirakshi, and I would gift her a kitten as she loves pets.”


Karan Godwani a.k.a Kishan from Agnifera

“My Christmas wish from Santa this year is nothing to do with materialistic things. It’s more of a spiritual gift. .and that’s happiness, peace and harmony for me and all my loved ones. If I had a chance to be a secret Santa for someone in the industry I think it wouldn’t be for just one person but for all my actor friends. I would gift them all something small and pretty depending on their likes, because this season is all about love and giving. My fondest memories of Christmas have definitely been as a kid when we would get all excited to celebrate the festival in school. With carol singing, the lights and the crib everything was so beautiful and everyone would be at their happiest best”


Ishita Ganguly a.k.a Rani Padmini from Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha

Santa has been very kind to me this year and it has been a fruitful journey for me. If I have to wish for something then I would wish to be a part of good projects and work with great people from the industry. I wish that I get to learn new things in the coming year. I also wish that I keep my family happy and laughing always. During my childhood, my father would become our secret Santa. He would quietly keep the gifts under the Christmas tree and I would wake up in the morning and be all excited to run open what he has gifted me. But at that age, I really believed that Santa existed but only at the age of 11 I realised it was my DAD. If had to be someone’s secret Santa then it would first be my mother and I would like to gift her temple jewellery. And if it has to be from the industry it would be two of my very close friends Tina Dutta and Sreejita De. I would like to gift Tina a cool funky bag that she would be able to carry with her everywhere she goes and for Sreejita, I would like to gift her a pretty dress for her petite frame.”


Shubhangi Atre a.k.a Angoori Bhabhi Ghar Par Hain

“Christmas has always been a special festival for me since childhood and all the memories that I have are related to me celebrating it in school with friends and teachers. As a kid I honestly believed that Santa existed and since my parents knew about this faith of mine, they would always get me a small gift and say it was from Santa. Surely those are the fond memories of my childhood celebration of this festivity. If I had a chance to be someone’s secret Santa, I would love to plan surprises for a few unfortunate orphanage kids. It’s something I usually do during Diwali and would like to extend that gesture on Christmas as well. 2018 has been a tremendously wonderful year and my only wish from Santa would be to keep the surprises and love coming in abundance. I wish that the success that I have received on the professional front keeps growing and people keep loving Angoori bhabhi as the year passes by.”


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