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The very talented young voice of India who is ruling the heart of millions with his melodious voice. Briefing about the Lucknow vocalist Amit Mishra, whoseroots are still connected to his hometown Azamgarh. With a long list of hits like Man ma emotion, Bulleya and Galti se mistake Amit is spreading his melodious voice and magnetic personality all over the globe. Sharing some abstract of the conversation with our Managing Editor Anurag Rastogi

Anurag: What made you pursue a career in the field of Singing and how did you turn your passion into your profession?

Amit: Singing was a part of my school curriculum. I got attached to music and took part in a school level competition. Also got into Lucknow university to pursue my graduation and side by side I joined Bharat Khande to learn classical music. My teacher Mr. Vinod Prasad & Mr. Mayank Shukla gave personal coaching. I also joined a few local bands in Lucknow. Dropped out my MBA and my family were a great support behind my career as music. Then I went back to Mumbai to continue my studies and there I assisted different music directors and did studio sessions. I got my first break in a movie known as “Hum do anjaane” wherein Prashant ji gave me the opportunity for the song which was originally sung by Kunal Ganjawala. Then Shakeel Aazmi ji, who is a renowned writer from Azamgarh sent me to Chirantan Bhatt ji and finally I got a chance to sing my first official playback “Majboor tu bhi nahin” in Vikram Bhatt’s 1920 evil returns. Then I got a chance to sing in Amit Sahni’s list for Palash muchhal. I also sang for the launch of Mr. Shiv Darshan. Next, I did one solo album called “eternal love” produced by Parthiv Shah. Sang few singles, did some corporate jingles and thereafter I got a chance to work with the one and only Pritam da and under his Guidance, I sang several tracks, where ‘Man ma emotion jage’ was the first track, which became the breakthrough. Then I sang “Sau tarah ke” for Varun Dhawan. He liked it and again I got to sing “Ganapati bappa morya” for him with Sajid Wajid sahab. Then bulleya came after this from Pritam da. And then the journey to ‘Galti se mistake’ and ‘Fikar not’ kept on moving.

Anurag: How did you get the ‘Bulleya’ song?

Amit: ‘Bulleya’ was just like open audition for me, vocal trials, sung the mukhda, got it dubbed, got some scale changes done as per my voice and since Pritam da had already got 3-4 songs with me by then, so he was bit more convinced. It was a very good session and also, I would thank Pritam da’s team as well for this. Then the release seemed like it was a surprise for me, as everyone else was aware about this. Then live shows started with Pritam da also I continued my stand alone shows as well. In the meanwhile, I got to work with many legends like Clinton Cerejo along with Amitabh Bacchan ji for a track in Badla, where Amitabh ji did the rap and I sung the song.

Anurag:  What kind of singer do you classify yourself as or your favourite genre?

Amit: I listen to songs in all languages and all genres but personally I like to listen more to alternative rock. I would like to do any kind of song because I feel, I am a learner and will remain a learner throughout my life. Also, to stay in Bollywood you have to sing in all genres.

Anurag:  Which performance did you feel was your best and is close to your heart?

Amit: I Love all the songs that I’ve sung, because of the hard work, I along with my team members put in to make it a success. But “Man ma Emotion” is still a bit more connected to me. Pritam da’s guidance and emotional connect was always there during that song. He always used to say, “Giving a hit song is good but the singer should also be him.”

Anurag:  Are there any upcoming assignments that you’re doing?

Amit: There are several tracks in progress, but due to exclusivity I cannot share the details. There are some couple of video singles like ‘vacation’, which is an independent track that I got to sing. My team is “AM Live” and this team has been with me for last 4 years. Nishit Hedge is lead guitarist, Ashwin shreyan is the base guitarist, Rahul hariharan is the drummist and they all belong to metal rock fraternity.

Anurag: Ever thought of getting into the field of Acting?

Amit: For acting, I feel a little more preparation is required and yes, in my video singles I would definitely be seen.

Anurag: How are you keeping yourself busy and motivated in lockdown?

Amit: Keeping myself busy with workout and yoga. Also, with the sessions related programming which my teachers use to deliver online.

Anurag: What do you feel your Social responsibility as a Singer is?

Amit: I would like to describe it with the help of an instance. So, I went out for a badminton session after the lockdown and a crowd of people gathered there. And from the very next day I decided to cancel my badminton session. The reason behind it was, I cannot say no to people who love me and ask me for pictures and autographs. Also, taking in consideration the need of the hour amidst this Corona pandemic, I cannot let people violate the rules and regulations of social distancing and put their life at stake.

Anurag: What are your views on to encourage young minds?

Amit: We have recently started a studio with my senior and friend Anand Tripathi, which is for now for our personal recording but going forward I would definitely love to make it open to all in a form of a training centre. With an objective to encourage the people of my city and support them to tune up. Lucknow is already upgraded and there is immense talent in the city. Singing and getting into playback or performing are different things. In performing, it takes all the other aspects as well, like we were trained to sing and dance together. I would love to share my experience and learning from our long practice sessions with my peers and Lucknow mates along with other singers. In our session, World Record Holder Jamie Vendera, our vocal coach Marianne D’Cruz Aiman and Samantha Edwards were also there. All these things I would definitely like to share with everyone to whom it can give a benefit.

Anurag: What are your views on Mental Health?

Amit: This crucial period of pandemic has affected us emotionally and mentally. I have seen many emotional crashes and clashes that my friends have faced in Lucknow and Mumbai both. I would say the same thing that I have so many people including my family, fans and friends who love me. Let’s not sink deep down in the negativity and focus more on the positivity. Mental health is the most important factor that should be taken care of. Indians are already strong and even our weather supports us to become one. One very relevant point that Antra Mitra also raised was- mental health is not a taboo. There’s no harm in going to a psychiatrist. If your friend is a therapist then it is the best but if you need a therapist, it should not be a taboo.

Interviewed By : Anurag Rastogi

Compiled By : Ishika Sethi

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