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Today we have with us the very gorgeous and the very talented Dr. Navleen Kaur from Singrauli, MP, pursuing her MBA in Jaipur. A Dentist by profession and a Digital influencer as well as a Fashion Blogger by passion. She is religiously following her passion and profession hand in hand.

Ishika: Navleen, how did you start Digital Influencing?

Navleen: I started three years back, in 2017 with just a simple thought of creating something informative on social media rather than just uploading a few good images. I gave it a shot when I was pursuing my Internship. So, few of my acquaintances suggested me to start a blog because ever since I used to be a descriptive kind of person. Hence, the journey started.

Ishika: That’s lovely. What are your views on Social media?

Navleen: Social media, if used smartly, brings in great opportunities to excel in the current Digital marketing phase. Now being called as a potentially known Lifestyle & Travel influencer, many opportunities have knocked my door because of my influential page on Instagram. The fun part about this is, it’s something that I love doing. Creating new things, exploring places, letting my supporters know about it in an easy way out of reaching the audience.

Ishika: Amazing! Can you tell our audience about your notable collaborations?

Navleen: It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that I have worked with 50 + good brands, who not only believed in me but I can relate my personality with the brand tag. Also, when I was in Lucknow, I got my own 2 Huge billboards on the main street of the city. The feeling is unrealistic sometimes but yes, it happened in real!

Ishika: Truly Great! Is creating content in your views a sort of Job?

Navleen: For some people it might be a Job but I would never take Creating Content as a job because for me it’s my passion, it’s my love. I’m working on my own line of products. I have my own brand. What else can I ask for? Apart from this, I will be focusing more on the travelling part & will definitely be working more consistently on YouTube.

Ishika: Has being in the realm of Fashion blogging changed you as a person?

Navleen: Fashion blogging did change me as a person to be very honest. Being an introvert, stepping into a world where you have to talk & communicate with a bunch of strangers, it was a task for me. But it did make me better by every step I took. I feel more confident, encouraged every day to create something exciting & worth learning from. I love how I can invest my time in something I love so much.

Ishika: That’s nice. Really appreciable. Would you like to give any message to our readers?

Navleen: Always, always do what you love. It’s useless to run after glory without doing something to achieve it. And if you are planning to jump into this huge digital world, make sure you have your own identity, own aura to give in, instead of copying the ones who are already there. Be inspired but never be a copycat.

Ishika: Alright Navleen. Thank you so much for sparing your precious time. It was lovely to have you!

Instagram: @thatkaurgirl

Covered by: Ishika Sethi

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