Why do we still laugh at HOMOSEXUALS/LGBTQ : Ankita Dubey

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With much tabooed topic of the society, Lucknow girl Ankita Dubey nails in down in ‘Love knows no gender’. Ankita the known actor, who has done several movies ,TV serials and web  is a known face in the industry. She took the very sensible and important topic while working with Shipra and Shivankar Arora. Homosexuality has always been a topic that is not been discussed behind the curtain as well most of the times. 

Shipra and Shivankar’s YouTube channel Content Ka Keeda came up with this thought to Ankita and she was in all yes as soon as she knew the subject. It was indeed a bold step to take up for the rising actor, where she had challenges to be faced and reviews could have gone the other way due to the topic. Ankita mentioned : Love Knows No Gender was an experiment that I will never forget, it helped me explore the depths of my skills, potential and personality. 

Messages of mixed responses poured in and it was a great victory for the makers and the actors, that not even a single negative remark came up. The message needs to be shared to wider audience and its educating and for betterment of each individual, who has right to love the one they wish.

Ankita was was last seen in RAJKUMAR GUPTA’S FILM- INDIA’S MOST WANTED and her upcoming movies are an ad film for Mumbai Police and an Austrian film based in India called- Mehrunisa with Mrs. Farrukh Jaffar. This movie gave them an opportunity to bring a change in the society. Such deep rooted concepts need to be pin pointed to make india much better and the movie does it job. She played the character of Pallavi, who has been lived under certain societal norms. She loves her best friend Ankita (Played by Rini Das) but is not able to express this. She couldn’t make herself free from the emotional barriers and responsibilities due to her upbringing. The movie gives voice to many Pallavis in the society, who are scared of accepting the fact.

The movie has so far bagged a total of 13 awards, special mentions and recognitions  and has also bagged the best short film in the Ayodhya Film festival 2020.

A Film that should reach out to everyone who needs to understand the fact -LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER.


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