&TV presents Ekta Kapoor’s new horror-mystery Daayan

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Na zinda, namrit… wohraatkiraanihain, ekshaitanitaakathain. Apnoke beech chhupi, kaunhaiwoh? Transporting its viewers into an alternate world of mystery and horror, &TV and Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms’ presentDaayan. The show is a gripping tale of a girl’s quest in revealing the identity of the evil force hidden amongst her close ones and defeating its sinister plans.With popular television actors TinaaDattaa and Mohit Malhotra in the lead, the new weekend fiction property is slated to go on air from 15th December 2018 every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm only on &TV.


Daayan is a mystifying narrative of a young JhanviMorya (TinaaDattaa), a well-educated and family-oriented girl hailing from Ujjain. It maps her race against time as she stumbles upon a dangerous ploy of the evil force, as many unusual and mysterious happenings repeatedly occur in her hometown. With a threat to her life, it’s her journey of unmasking the identity of the ‘Daayan’ who is one of her close ones. Accompanying her in this mission, will be Jhanvi’s childhood friend and love interest, the wealthy and chivalrous Akarsh Sharma (Mohit Malhotra). The show also brings together a powerful ensemble cast with names like Amit Thakur, Aakash Talwar, Rishita Nag, Kanika Shivpuri, Prabhat Bhattacharya, Priya Bhatija amongst others in various roles.


Having essayed varied roles in the past, talented actress TinaaDattaa said, “I’m grateful to have been chosen to play Jhanvi, working with Balaji Telefilms and Ekta again. Horror-mystery as a genre has seen great interest from viewers at large and I’m excited to make way in this space. Jhanvi’s character is unlike any that I have played before, she grows from being vulnerable to being courageous, battling her own demons at times. It’s a thrilling narrative of a simple girl’s repeated trysts with the supernatural and her journey to unveil the evil Daayan amongst her close ones.”  


Speaking about her visit to the city, she said, “I have been to Lucknow plenty of times, it’s my favourite shopping destination and every time I visit the city, I ensure to take some time out for this.People here are extremely warm and they have this ‘tehzeeb’ while speaking which you wouldn’t find elsewhere in the country. Apart from the culture, the mouth-watering delicacies here are to die for and I have a list of food items that I have decided I’m going to gorge on.”


Playing the role of the male lead, popular actor Mohit Malhotra said, “This is my second show with &TV and Balaji Telefilms has always been like a second home to me, so I was more than happy to play the character of Akarsh Sharma as the male protagonist. Daayan is in the mystery-horror genre which I have been wanting to experiment with for a while now, so this was an opportunity that I just couldn’t miss. This being an interesting genre with mystery and horror intertwined, my character Akarsh is key to the narrative, who is not just Jhanvi’s love interest but a constant companion throughout the story.”


Excited about his visit to the city Mohit said, “Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich places, it’s always a delight to be here. They have some of the most impressive structures in all of India and I would like to visit some of them again if time permits. When in Lucknow,I never leave this city without eating the famous tundeykabebs or the special Awadhi briyani.”


Driven by her fate upon the deepest and darkest alleys of witchcraft, Daayan aims to raise several mysterious questions in the mind of the audience. Will Jhanvi be able to ever unravel the truth behind the Daayan or will she crumble against the shadow of the evil? With a mystery to her identity and an unconventional form to her appearance, &TV brings forth a world where evil lurks arounds the corner and where everything seems real, yet nothing is.


Tune into the mysterious world of Daayan from 15th December, every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm only on &TV

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