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A very popular face in the television industry Ankita Dubey is an artist, a wellness coach and a voice over artist as well. Besides this, she also believes that she’s a seeker, an explorer, an adventurer and a learner. Here’s an abstract of her interaction with Ishika Sethi.

Ishika Sethi: What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

Ankita Dubey: I come from a very conservative Indian family wherein girls are meant to live with certain restrictions, follow a set of rules and regulations. I remember during my childhood I was not allowed to learn basketball. During my teens, I wasn’t allowed to go out with my friends and I was not permitted to step out of my house after evening. I was a very under confident child with a burdensome heart. I was not able to vent my feelings out. Later on, I got an opportunity to audition for Tanu Weds Manu and fortunately I got selected. When I enacted in the movie, I felt so happy, so relieved because I was able to express myself and for a person like me who has ever since kept her emotions in veil, I felt there cannot be anything better and this is something that I’m made for. So yes, it all started this way.

Ishika Sethi: Alright Ankita. Moving on my next question to you is, what are your strong points as an actor?

Ankita Dubey: I personally believe that I am able to express myself well, vent out my emotions in a very efficient way because I’ve been a survivor with a heavy heart in my early days as I told you. I am able to observe and persevere things so well. Also, I feel that I’ve the capability of seeing beyond what is physically visible. I am very comfortable with every role that is allotted to me.

Ishika Sethi: What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting? And what challenges did you face when you chose acting as a career?

Ankita Dubey: I don’t know how people define the term achievements but according to me, my achievements are all the roles that I’ve played and on which my audience showered their immense love. Some of which includes Jodha Akbar, Doli Armaano ki, Kaala Teeka, Tanu weds Manu, Mirza Julliet and also Rajkumar Gupta’s India’s Most wanted.

Now coming to the second part of this question, yes, I did face a lot of challenges. As I told you my parents were not supportive, they didn’t want me to choose this field as my career. I borrowed money from my friends in order to book my ticket to Mumbai. When I landed at the airport, I just had 1200 rupees with me and I had no clue where to go. I at that time could barely afford a meal or two in a day. I had no place to live and somewhat I emotionally distorted as well. But all those situations made me a headstrong person. And also, instead of calling them challenges, I’d rather it adventures because it made me who I am today.

Ishika Sethi: That’s amazing. How do you plan to keep your fitness, health and lifestyle up to date?

Ankita Dubey: When I came to Mumbai, I had no idea about fitness and lifestyle. I just knew lifestyle as a brand. My health deteriorated a little more with every passing day. I was even rejected sometimes because of my looks and started feeling conscious about myself. Then I met Mrs. Rakhi Pandit and joined Healthy Active Lifestyle Center which is a Fitness Club and because of which my life has been changed completely. I landed there, I liked that idea of a fitness club and I thought of taking it further because I saw a lot of people struggling through bad health and even, I was in that phase at some point in my life. So, I undertook it as a profession.

Now, as I have been doing it for a very long time, it has become more of a lifestyle. I manage my time; I plan my schedule accordingly. I don’t miss my meals and my workout. I have made very strong lifestyle changes that no matter what nothing can shift it. I don’t take myself lightly anymore and since the day this thought came in my mind, it boosted me. Moreover, I work with Herbalife Nutrition as an associate, as a supervisor. I have my own online club and associated to two more club of my team.

Ishika Sethi: Impressive! So, my last question to you is, would you like to give a few tips to be a successful actor?

Ankita Dubey: Firstly, if you want to be successful in anything you want, you’ve to understand what your definition of success is. Just be honest and work for it with all your heart and soul. Your intentions and your efforts should be very pure and very focused. I believe in the 3 Ds – dedication, devotion and determination. If you have these three qualities, then you’re unstoppable.

Ishika Sethi: Thanks a ton, Ankita for your time. It was great talking to you.

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