I have a crush on Lara Dutta: Priyanshu Jora

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The former Miss Universe Lara Dutta has more than often attracted the audience with her magnificent persona and ever charming demeanour. Maintaining the grace and glow, she has always managed to leave her fans speechless with her beauty as well as with her choice of words. While everyone is already in awe of her wit and intelligence, the beauty queen in just 14 weeks on &TV’s High Fever has captured the hearts of the audiences. Her witty and impulsive jokes, heart-warming messages and so much so as her smile makes the viewers longing to hear more from her. While to some she might be a friend, mentor or a motherly figure, she has also been someone’s deepest crush for quite a while. 

In a recent episode of the show, host Priyanshu Jora spilled the beans on his love and adoration for the actress. “I had and I still have a crush on you” he said with a gleam of joy and a blushing smile across his face. “Much before this show started I recollected seeing you in a song from one of your films, Partner. I can’t even tell you, how mesmerised I was with your performance” said Priyanshu. Fulfilling his heartfelt desire, the host took the opportunity to shake a leg with the actress on the same song that reminded him of her. 

Talking more in awe of the actress Priyanshu said, “I have always known Lara Dutta as the sensational beauty and the gorgeous person she is as known to many. What I realized and admired about her after working with her was that she is an extremely warm and beautiful person at heart. Even though I had a crush on her before knowing her, I never imagined her to be such a sweet heart. Interacting and sharing this platform with her has just allowed me to share a comfortable bond without any filters with her and I feel really obliged to have this opportunity.” 

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