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Caroline Borges, a teacher, model, Animal Lover, who has dedicated herself for betterment of the speechless street dogs.

She is a teacher at renowned College of the city in the senior section and been taking care of animals since a child. Firm believer of worshipping God – “should be through our actions”. And helping those who can’t help themselves. As a teacher taking it as her moral responsibility to be an example & educate the masses about sensitivity, empathy, kindness & unconditional love .

According to her education isn’t limited to academics. It’s how we use bookish knowledge in our daily life & practice it through our deeds. Daily at night she goes out on multiple locations in the city to feed & treat more than 300 to 400 animals.

Her connection with the voice has been forever. She was born with a speech disability & could not speak. Her family realized it later, after the doctors informed them. A complex cleft palate operation was done & a palate was constructed by grafting skin from my thigh.

It surely was a miracle as she could speak thereafter only after a single operation. Generally it takes a minimum of 3 operations but certainly it was a miracle and it surely has a deeper purpose.

As the years passed she realised that, she have a special bond with animals.

She understood them & was helping them. In simple ways of either feeding or treating them. Animals from different parts of the city with extreme injuries came home & were treated. Once they were healed, they were set free. It was amazing to see how well & quickly they healed with the love and affection poured on them.

She has built sheds outside her house, so these animals could get the least amount of comfort I could offer. She has a purpose in life. The satisfaction she experienced when an animal was healed was priceless. God gave her voice to be the voice for the voiceless.

She aspires to inspire as many people as possible to start doing simple acts of kindness in their daily life. Giving back to the underprivileged is extremely important. Staying connected to animals teaches to be faithful, humble, grateful & forgiving.

People need to rise above materialism . She is not a NGO nor she has plans to form one. Service to one another should be simple. Ideally, we don’t need to be somebody or some organisation to help. In-fact unconditional help to others, might just actually turn into someone who everyone aspires to be.

A blessed soul that is inspiring the next generation by teaching them the deeper value of life. “LIVE FOR A CAUSE GREATER THAN YOURSELF“ is her motto in life.

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Sharing is Caring!