Being helping hand to Rozadars

Sharing is Caring!

All india professional’s Congress under the banner Professional for Harmony distributed ration sea kit during the lockdown to the needy Rozadars fasting in the auspicious days of Rozas along with the needy families as well. Saloni Kesarwani and Hina Nadeem keeping the zeal of Lucknow showed the way to everyone of peace, harmony and religious integrity. ‘We believe in Sewa Parmo Dharma’ mentioned Saloni in discussion with us.

Setting up example for the society they continued the distribution during the odd days for the needy and promised to continue serving till the situation gets normal for everyone and the daily workers start earning their bread like before. It is well known Saloni and her team has been helping the needy people since beginning of the lockdown and has been a part of different initiatives related to fighting with Covid -19 pandemic.

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Sharing is Caring!