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Tattooing is no longer the preserve of rebellions, bikers and convicts. More than that, celebrities, young parents and students are getting tattoos.

Tattoos are not less than a trophy. It says a lot about you. The placement of a tattoo reveals your personality and the design of a tattoo talks about your experiences. But hang on, haven’t you heard all this before? The first tattoo was appeared in ‘The New York Times’ in 1908. The prince of Wales, later Edward VII, was one of many European royals to be tattooed.
Tattooing is a subject of fascination. Some designs come and go while others are forever. Name of your loved ones is the most wisest decision. Everyone feels strong for their loved ones  and some even tattoo their names as blessings. It keeps them close to their heart. This is also a strong way expressing their love.
The most common tattoos of 2015 were Arrows, Maps , Compasses,  Feathers,  Skyliners, Tiaras and Mandala. 2015 marked the year when many of Lucknowites got inked, when famous tattoo artist Abhinandan Basu visited Lucknow. The most beautiful  tattoo trends to emerge in 2016 are cross stitch inspired designs, 3D designs, Dotted designs and Metallic tattoos. This trend is fresh enough for those who are thinking for another one.
Of course, tattoos are not for everyone and regardless of how amazing the piece may be to you. If you love your tattoo, who cares what anyone else think. Some will love it and some will hate it. Getting inked has become increasingly common in Lucknow in the past two years and it has become a style statement for every fashion lover.

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