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Firdaus Hassan, the name that has earned recognition on its own, is about to break the silence. Page3Star got an opportunity to have a conversation with him recently. Here are some of the abstracts from his discussion with Anurag Rastogi

Anurag: How your journey started as an actor?

Firdaus: Basically, I am from Bihar. I did my 10+2 from there only and then moved to Delhi and joined JNU. Primary purpose to go to Delhi was to be an actor. I knew National School of Drama is there and I always wanted to join that. I am also a Japanese language expert. When I started studying Japanese, at the same time I started doing acting as well and joined Jan Natya Manch in New Delhi. Some of my seniors like Anurag Kashyap, is from Jan Natya Manch.

Anurag: How did you get your first break in Lakshya and your journey went ahead?

Firdaus: This Lakshya movie auditions started in 2002. Where I Gave the very first audition of my life and I got selected, and in 2003 I did that movie. Then after finishing my B.A. honours I moved to Mumbai. The first movie I did was Lakshya and then I did Veer Zara by late Yash Chopra ji. I Played Nayak Trilok Singh in Lakshya and before Lakshya, I never faced camera, so that was a new experience.

When I came to Mumbai, I kept getting offers in modelling and I kept on doing. Did modelling also for some good 6 to 7 years. In modelling also, I worked with several big brands and got featured on cover pages like Men’s Health cover page, Nokia, Star Cruse. Ads I did were like santoor face wash and many more.

Anurag: What other remarkable movies or web series you did and how ‘Noise of Silence’ took over?

Firdaus: Again, I started movies and did movies like Sanju, Mukkabaaz directed by Anurag Kashyap, where I played Mohan. Then did two web series as The Forgotten Army by Kabir khan on Amazon Prime, Crackdown directed by Apoorva Lakhiya.

Then finally this movie ‘Noise of Silence’ happened in Jan 2020. We completed the movie and then there was lockdown throughout. Which is about to release this month.

Anurag: What kind of challenges you faced so far?

Firdaus: For more than 17 years I am here in Mumbai. Many challenges we faced. Becoming an actor is not easy at all. My plus point was I was a Japanese language expert, so whenever I faced a hard time, I used to go to Delhi work for a month and get back to Mumbai. I have cleared till top second JLPT level ‘Nikyu’ and since I was an alumnus of JNU, so that itself gave much support that I was from a reputed college.

Anurag: What social responsibilities you take as a public figure?

Firdaus: I worked for street dogs and often visit orphanage. There I feel connected.

I strongly believe – every person should do their small contribution; however small it is. I helped several people in the lockdown but hey should I tell everyone about that. I was in a position, so I helped. That was my responsibility. Each and every one should look around in neighbourhood and help to their capacity. That is how society grows. One should know what is right or what is wrong and why should I select it or reject it.

One thing also I would mention about nature, nature is first and then everything else.

Anurag: What is your say on current industry situation?

Firdaus: If you are living in India, you will have to accept many things. I don’t find nepotism. If my father is a teacher, so if he trains his son to become a teacher, that should not be a problem. So, all the directors, actors who have already achieved something, so what’s wrong if they want their sons to Join the legacy.

The main thing is your skill. Like if I don’t know Japanese, why will someone offer me a job. Choose any field, suppose I am a superstar and I want my son to be a star, but what I can do, I can’t do anything. I believe, like good or bad is everywhere. It’s about what we do. This movie ‘Noise of Silence’ has all the people coming from different directions. So, if you say boycott this and that due to nepotism. Then show your love to this.

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