Special Holi recipe: Caramelized Popcorn Chocolate

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Masterchef Omkar Sen tickles your taste buds with an amazing Holi special  recipe Caramelized Popcorn Chocolate

Ingredients                    Quantity           unit

Sugar                                      110                gms
Glucose                                  35                 gms
Baking soda                           4                  gms
Baking powder                     2                  gms
Plain Popcorn                    300              gms
Chocolate                            250              gms

Water – For caramelizing  (100 ml approx)

Take a pan,  put sugar, glucose and water; and then boil it properly
When it gets caramelize, then add baking soda and baking powder
Blend it properly till its gets fluffy
Add popcorn into it and mix it again with the obtained mixture.
Take a bowl, put chocolate and melt it
Then add popcorn with chocolate 
Mix it well and let is set for some time
Drizzle white chocolate for garnish
Arrange Caramelize Popcorn Chocolate rock style

Masterchef Omkar Sen is currently the Executive Chef at Morde Chocolate- North East zone. Omkar Sen started his career with Chokola, Delhi

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