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The very sanguine and cheery Aanchal Shrivastava who’s blowing the minds of people with her mellifluous voice. A well-known name in the industry, ‘Aanchal’ a musician, singer-songwriter and Founder of Yatra – an Indie Band and Co-founder TAA Music Label. Here are some abstracts of the discussion with Ishika Sethi

Ishika: How did you begin your journey and when did you think, being a vocalist can be a full-time career for you?

Aanchal: I was born to sing. I didn’t choose singing but singing chose me. All my life there’s one thing that has been consistent with everything whether it be studying, playing, fighting or anything and that’s songs and singing. I continue to do it from the age of two and a half years old. My mom and dad sent me to a music school when I was just a couple of years old. Ever since then, I started my formal training. And to talk about when did I quit everything to just do singing, it was after 10 October 2018 that I transformed my passion into my profession because singing is the poem of my heart.

Ishika: That’s lovely. What was the turning point that made you recast your past from a radio jockey to a singing sensation?

Aanchal: I come from a very middle-class family where music and singing are just considered as a passion and for the sake of profession, you ought to have a typical 10-6 job. So, after I complete my MBA, I applied for a job. It was year 2009 and fortunately I got selected as an RJ (radio jockey). I worked with them for three long years putting in all my heart and soul. I was doing very well. People were very fond of my shows. Then when i bagged a bigger opportunity to work with some other bigger radio station, they were not supportive and I decided to resign.

Months after bending over backwards, I finally got a job in Delhi and then I got transferred to Bombay. I came to Bombay in 2014 and being a lucky girl after not even trying for one more year, by chance, in 2015, I got my first song for Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games – title track. After that I sung Pyaar ka Punchnama background score and then the journey continues.

Ishika: That’s Amazing. What challenges did you face when you quitted your job as a Radio Jockey?

Aanchal: I had a very tough time. I was literally left with no money. There were times when I didn’t even know whether I’d be able to have lunch today or not. But I tried tirelessly searching Job from South Delhi to Gurgaon to Noida because my hopes and dreams were very high. I knew that I have to do something in my Life. I struggled and scraped.

Ishika: How did you get “Din Shagna Da” from “Four more shots please” season 2? And what were your views on singing a song for a gay wedding?

Aanchal: I am known for my Folk voice. So, the composer of Four more shots, Mikey had called me to the studio and the next day I went to the studio for dubbing. He then told me, the song is “Din Shagna Da” and deep in my head I was like “oh, no! Not another Din Shagna Da” but then he told me that it is for an upcoming web series “Four more shots please” season 2. And the first season being the only web series that I’ve ever watched, I agreed to and then we dubbed it.

I felt very proud while singing a song for a gay wedding because I genuinely support these people who are fighting for their existence.

Ishika: Wow! That’s great. Would you enlighten our readers with a message?

Aanchal: I just want to say that no matter what you’re doing in Life, there’s something you’re made for. You just need to ask yourself if you’re truly happy with what you’re doing and if the answer is no then immediately switch to the thing that you love doing. Age is never a barrier to do something that you really want to do.

Ishika: Alright, Aanchal. It was a pleasure talking to such a wonderful soul like you.

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