Say No to Corona with Empower Skill Foundation.

Sharing is Caring!

Empower Skill Foundation‘s team distributed masks to the underprivileged kids of haider canal slum with is situated at rajajipuram.

The team – Varsha ( president ) , raunak , tejas , satyam , vatsal , lalit and akansh went there, with all the safety measures . They spread awareness about corona virus and the preventions. The team – raunak , yuvraj , rahul , vatsal , hrishika , ayushi , sejal , sachin ,ashutosh , pramod ,harshit , akansh , satyam and many more also made videos and slogans which were floated via social media to make general public aware about the preventions . They did the DIY of hand sanetizer to make them aware that they can make it at home. The objective behind the activity was to make the underprivileged people aware about corona virus and it’s preventions. It’s very important to make these people aware and explain because most of them do not have proper medium go know about what’s going on in the world Versha mentioned. They donated 60 masks and the purpose was to save them From the infection at this pandemic stage of corona.  They also made them aware about how to wash hands and keep themselves sanetized. The NGO took the responsibility to float the information so that the underprivileged category of the society should get proper knowledge and save themselves from such diseases.

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Sharing is Caring!