Did You Know ? World’s First hinglish Magazine Portal Rv Talks Belongs To Lucknow

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Yesterday one of my friend shared me the link on whatsapp. I opened that and found content was too good. and best part of that it was in hinglish and belongs to Rv Talks.

Yeah you read it correct. The link was of world’s first hinglish magazine and portal. They named that portal as RV Talks. Lets dive into this interesting story which i got for you.

What’s Rv Talks?


Rv Talks is a world’s first hinglish magazine and portal. Which aims to deliver well researched information in Hinglish. They are basically from entertainment and lifestyle niche. But after seeing their Instagram and Facebook handles I found that they cover others news too that only exist up-to their social media handles.

What’s Hinglish?


According to Wikipedia Hinglish, a portmanteau of Hindi and English, is the macaronic hybrid use of English and South Asian languages from across the Indian subcontinent, involving code-switching between these languages whereby they are freely interchanged within a sentence or between sentences.

In Simple words it is a blend of Hindi and English, in particular a variety of English used by speakers of Hindi, characterized by frequent use of Hindi vocabulary or constructions.

People Behind World’s First Hinglish Magazine Portal Rv Talks

Team Rv Talks

Few College students started this magazine back in April 2020. And within a month they got huge response from across the globe. People get publisher tag from google news in very rare conditions because they don’t obey the rules of google news. But these guys mark them on bard just in a month.

The idea came from the mind of Neha Kumari. She’s an architect by profession and creator by mind. One day she was searching for an article on particular topic she got it in English but that article contain very heavy English words so she tried to search same topic in Hindi. And again she got few Hindi words which are tough to pronounciate. Then she decided to create a platform where Hindi and English both spoken and reading person can get content and in the simplest way.

She was just searching for that idea then one day she got a message from her friend about some news although that was fake but she noticed one thing that news was in hinglish. And then she realized hinglish has vast scope . The she decided to stat a blogging platform she asked her few old school mates but eventually after starting the portal all of them quit because they found they can’t do that. Only her friend Swati Singh stand with her and make it possible.Then she get in touch with her male friend who’s expert in the marketing. Then she asked him to join her team. Later on she asked her Sister Reema Kumari who is good in writing to be part of her venture. Reema Kumari grab the opportunity because she has faith in Neha. Then later on Tourism expert Erum Khan joined their team.

Currently, Reema is an editor of Lifestyle Segment, Swati is an editor of Entertainment Segment, Erum is taking care of social media team and talking about Neha she is managing the whole team and playing role of chief editor.

And with team of 4 girl and 1 boy she created a history. World’s First Hinglish Magazine and portal.

Currently they’ve more than 35k followers on Instagram and 50k+ subscribers of their e-magazine.

we team your story wish Neha and her team very best of luck and appreciate their concept.

You Guys Can Follow them on their social media handles

Instagram @thervtalksmedia

Facebook @rvtalksmedia

Twitter @rvtalksmedia

Linkedin @rvtalksmedia

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