Rainy Season Health Hazards

Myntra [CPS] IN
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Monsoon season can give relief after the summer heat. But parents should be wary of the diseases that the rains bring to the household, which can add to the risk of malaria, pneumonia, and complications of the common cold. So here are 5 practical tips to keep your family protected.

1. Having a clean and safe environment should start from home, and one of the steps is to maintain a germ-free kitchen. According to a 2011 study made by the National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF), kitchen counter tops, sinks, and dish rags are three out of the top ten germiest places at home, so better make sure all surfaces are clean and dry. Use a trusted brand of cleaning liquid along with clear water, and do it at least twice a day. It’s also best to replace your kitchen sponge every 1 to 2 days.

2. Bathrooms should be well sanitized. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bacteria and viruses can live two hours or longer on certain surfaces, so hands should be thoroughly washed every time after using the toilet, moreso because this is the main reason for the spread of water-borne diseases. To keep your bathrooms clean, use a diluted antiseptic liquid at least once a day.

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