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A traveller at heart and RJ by profession, Veraa has always been communicating, be it Nature or People! She began her journey in Radio at the age of 5. Since then, the first love of her Life has been mike. She joined Hindustan Times in 1997 and switched over to Radio completely in 2001 as Radio City Lucknow was launched. She interviewed Amitabh Bachchan on the opening of the Station. There was no looking back since then. With a huge fan base Veraa, kept on making Lucknow Mornings brighter with her Morning Show ‘Morning Masala’. She has contributed several articles on positivity in newspapers. Besides, now she is successfully running Radio Modern, an Internet Radio for MGCPS. In Search of a Perfect Cuppa is her travelogue that touches her soul in various ways!

In Veraa’s words – There are two kinds of travellers – one who want geographical and historical exposure wanting to learn all about the place and people they visit (I call them the inquisitive ones, the knowledgeable ones), the other kind is a laidback traveller – one who just wants to follow her heart and go anywhere her heart dictates. This traveller has no inclination to acquire knowledge but she is the one who wants to have a sip of tea sitting at a completely lonely spot thinking about all that is happening in this world and outside this world that is Cosmos.

I am the latter kind of a traveller. After having travelled almost all across India, by road, by train and by air I have come to the conclusion that if you really want to have a peaceful chat with your soul and truly savour travelling then hitting road is just the right thing for you! You are not moving past things you are moving through things and people and thus without raising your cerebral antenna you are learning through live experiences. I have never felt the urge to talk to people to gather information for I like to draw my own conclusions. Why should a traveller see through someone else’s eyes and why should she be a talking walking dictionary? Isn’t it then you become just like a scientist assisting everything with a data thus killing the beauty of it all? I prefer to travel for the sake of travelling. I travel to become one with Nature. I want to have peaceful conversation with Nature. Nothing excites me more than having adrak wali full ghuti hui dhabe ki chai at a completely unknown place and yes jitna remote mein dhaba utna satisfied main!

Travelling runs in my genes. It has been very strongly injected into my soul by my mother. We started travelling with just Re 2000 in hand, without reservation and without fund for food. But it turned out to be a very memorable trip!

This travelogue is all about my conversations with God and Nature, my tea jaunts at all odd places and yes the raw beauty of Indian destinations!

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Sharing is Caring!