Ground breaking new pedagogy is making children capable at one grade level up

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Despite extended school closures due to COVID which have disrupted studies over almost two years, the children of City International School are learning difficult subjects with ease. All children from Playgroup to Class 8 are mastering their subjects one grade level higher thanks to a new pedagogy, Accelerating Learning for All (ALfA) and Prior to Teaching Assignments (PTTA) in which children work with each other and decode the learning by working in pairs and groups. They are using new and innovative apps and Edu Protocols that provide real-time feedback on learning. The learning is exploding.

On Saturday, the children of playgroup to Grade 9 put on display their one grade up prowess in Mathematics. They showcased how they are learning difficult subjects like Mathematics with ease. Reading levels are phenomenally high. Playgroup children are reading words and sentences. Kindergarten children are reading the difficult language of the newspapers, many reading newspapers in both English and Hindi with great fluency.

The new pedagogy at CIS is based on on-going research over the last several years by Dr. Sunita Gandhi, the program creator and founder of City International School.

Prominent guests were there to witness the unfolding learning revolution at CIS. This included the most eminent Alok Ranjan, former Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, Senior IAS (Retd.), and CBSE Secretary, Anurag Tripathi visiting the school from Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion Alok Ranjan said, “I have been observing the groundbreaking and transformative work going on at City International Schools. This is the need of the hour so that children everywhere can scale to great heights. I am delighted that Dr. Gandhi has been implementing these in government schools in several states as well.”

Anurag Tripathi said, “It is clear that besides accelerating learning dramatically, the ALfA methodology is nurturing the 6Cs of Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character and Citizenship as the New Education Policy expects. All children deserve such an education.”

Dr. Sunita Gandhi said, “We need to think dramatically differently about education, and be far more circumspect of how we conduct education. Incremental change is not enough. We need a paradigm shift. The old methods are clearly holding back human potential. We invite all educators to come visit CIS and witness the new possibilities for the children.”

From initial focus on English, Hindi and Mathematics, children are now performing beyond their class levels in all subjects using PTTA and ALfA. All children are excelling, not just some.


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