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Some great researchers said long back- “ Day one or one day you decide”. In the 21st century advancements in all fields are taking place every second and keeping an eye over your profession especially with the latest technology is one of the simplest formula to be successful. In terms of medical and dental science there are constant updates on technology to render painless procedures to patients….When it comes in terms of dentistry, the first picture which comes in mind is needle, most of the patients are needle phobic and with this higher level of anxiety are seen both for kids and adults… The term “PAINLESS DENTAL TREATMENT” is now-days commonly used by dental surgeons and specialized dental surgeons to render best dental services.

 A two days exclusive training for dental surgeons on was organized on topic “NITROUS OXIDE OXYGEN INHALATION SEDATION” in Lucknow. The guest speaker for this session was DR. AKASH PATODIA, Pediatric and Preventive Dentist (Kids Dentist) from Ahmedabad. He has his own dental clinic named KID’S DENTAL CLINIC and practices exclusive kids dentistry in Ahmedabad from last 5 years. He is also the inventor of INDIA’S first sedation unit for dental use named SMARTSED (Nitrous oxide oxygen inhalation sedation machine). The dental surgeons from all over India were part of this training in which  treatment under laughing gas/magic gas/ happy gas were explained by lecture first day and practical training with laughing gas was followed on second day. Dr. Niharika (PATNA), Dr.Shah Faisal (MAU), Dr.Aditi Singh, Dr. Richa Singh, Dr. Sana Mahmood, Dr. Anshul Sharma, Dr. Yasir Khan dentists from Lucknow did active participation for program. The dental surgeons learnt to master the skills to render the magical gas to patients be it a kid or adult. The session enhanced confidence in dentist to render painless dental procedure including newborns, kids, teens, adults and old age people.

The session was graced by presence MOHSINA A MIRZA who is entitled as “FIRST DRONE GIRL OF INDIA”. She gave a future picture in dentistry and highlighted the dental surgeons with topic “ROBOTICS IN DENTISTRY”. She explained how dentists, scientists, and robotics are working together to see most advanced form of dentistry in coming years. She is also working with director of one of the chain of  leading school in Lucknow  to give quality education and also focused over children with special health care needs / special children and helping them to be independent and live a quality life. She is also running her own laboratory named as “MOHSINA’S LAB” where technology meets new minds and new generation.

The session was well executed and organized by DR. AMBREEN SIDDIQUI, Pediatric and Preventive Dentist (Kids Dentist) from LUCKNOW. She is owner of KID’S DENTAL CLINIC, first exclusive dental clinic dedicated for newborn, infants, kids and teens. She is also working with most neglected section of the Indian society “CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL HEALTH CARE NEEDS/SPECIAL CHILDREN”. She is also working for oral health in expecting mothers/ pregnant females to build a healthy bond among mother and child and spreading awareness for PRENATAL ORAL CARE and ORAL CARE DURING PREGNANCY. Overall, it was an interactive learning session over advancements and a small gathering with dentists to learn, share and discuss over future dentistry in coming years. Lastly a word of thanks to the wonderful supporters of the session especially Hadsun Pharmaceuticals, Orikam and Colgate for helping to give best of the goodies to enthusiastic participants.

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Sharing is Caring!