Fashion meets safety : Tips by Amrish Kaur

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A wedding is an affair that calls for celebration , coming together of people and of course pictures that make for life time  memories for the couple. The blushing bride who is the “star” of occasion wishes to look best on her wedding day but due to NOVAL CORONAVIRUS has declared a pandemic the government has advised to avoid large gatherings , since this a situation no one has ever faced before. So, it’s not only about bride, her family members and the makeup artists who are at risk. It’s all about keeping the makeup and the brushes clean and sanitised , so infection cannot be spread. Here are some tips by celebrity makeup artist AMRISH KAUR to ensure everything is clean and sterile-:

1) Make-up Artist should use mask, face shield and latex gloves.

2) The Make-up Artist should wash hands properly before and after , keeping alarms or reminders on the phones to sanitised and wash the hands every 15 – 20 min. is good idea.

3) IPA Isopropyl Alcohol should be used to clean makeup pallets and brushes before n after use.

4) Steel pallets should be used for mixing foundation.

5) Extra care to be taken while using Lip products Lip brushes should be cleaned well, should not be shared. Instead of dipping the brushes into liquid lipstick it should be poured out and used. 

6) Avoid blowing and brushing lash during this time 

7) The tissues wet wipes cotton and puffs should be discarded well after use.

8) Hair brushes and hair hair tools should all be cleaned well too before and after use 

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