Fashion & Fun during Lockdown by Pallavi Jaiswal

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Did you ever feel that a time like this would come in your lives where you will have to stay locked up at home like FOREVER?? NO RIGHT??!!

This lockdown has affected everyone a lot, especially MENTALLY!! People are worried about their work, their financial conditions and many other things.

Some people are utilising this time either watching web series, talking to friends, cooking (or apparently learning to cook), playing online games, making Dalgona Coffee or just by simply scrolling their phones (IF NOT WORKING FROM HOME).

The fashion industry has been affected the most. A lot of tailors, embroiders, or anyone who used to work on a daily wage basis have become completely jobless and have no source of income or enough savings to survive through this quarantine. We are sure the government is doing their bit to help them and we hope they can get through this difficult time.

Pallavi Jaiswal is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and has a styling label called Label Pallavi J and like others she too is stuck at home. She cannot even WORK FROM HOME, as most of her projects are styling outfits for fashion shoots and shows, styling celebrities for events, or costume styling for movies, all of which requires going out of the house.

So here’s something Pallavi suggests “Being quarantined is boring but hey, we could make it STYLISH for sure!!”

Well what she decided is to do all the household chores but by being all dressed up. Like wearing an evening gown along with your mask and mopping the floor!! Or wearing a bright casual dress along with your mask and making breakfast!!

“Well, dressing up brightly during these dark times can definitely lift up the moods a little bit” Pallavi added.

Why don’t you try out some fun looks and send across your pictures. Post a Quarantine Fashion inspired picture of yours using the hashtag #quaranfashionweek and tag @labelpallavij and @page3star. The best pictures will be featured on our social media handles.

Come on everyone let’s make this quarantine a little FUN and STYLISH!!

And don’t forget to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE !!

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Sharing is Caring!