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DJ Dimple Phillora, who can make any one dance to her tunes, had special interaction with Page3 Star recently. Here is an abstract of her discussion with Anurag Rastogi.

Anurag: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Dimple: My name is Dimple Phillora and stage name is Phillora. I am an MBA in Finance and Marketing and I had worked with ICICI stock market before 2012, after that I changed mind and knew this is not my cup of tea and I can’t do like morning till evening sitting and doing the same thing. There was depressing state when I had a martial art academy, where I had invested my money and other side got a job at a bank and after that I left both of the things and I was kind of depressed like oh! I don’t know what I have to do, but wanted to do these two things even in my life. I went to the monastery, I stayed there with the monks. I did meditation and everything and then I came to know, music is the only thing that I can live with and I can do something good in future. So, after that, I took classed for DJing from Chandigarh. Then after I started playing on stages. I played in almost 25 cities in India. My first gig was in Ludhiana.  and I did some international gigs as well as in Thailand (Nasha, Toni and Glassy club). Went to Dubai where I was a resident DJ in Beats club Ras Al khaima, UAE till last year, from 2019 till 2020. I played in Abu Dhabi as well in 2020.

Anurag: How and why did you decide to become a DJ?

Dimple: Actually, I was a student of Amity and Amity is kind of a college where you have lot of parties and several curricular activities. In college life we used to go to lots of parties and DJ was the coolest we used to see. So, I thought like; this is what I can do the best at least this time. Then as I told you I went to the monastery. I had very much interest in music since childhood, but I was living in a small place called Hoshiarpur, a small town. Where you don’t have too much of these kinds of curricular classes and you can’t explore your interests. So, it took time to come up. That’s how I thought of taking up this thing. I thought let’s try this, one more thing and see what result I get from it. And this is the only thing from where I earned money, respect and I earned the fame. People know me from DJing mainly.

Anurag: Have you done any professional courses into DJ’ing, So, how difficult was that as per you.

Dimple: It was very difficult. In starting it was like I tried three times for DJing. First, I started with basic course, it was like beat matching, pitch and other basic stuff. In starting it was very difficult for me to understand the songs like if it is going in forward direction or background direction, or going slow or fast. It took too much time for ear monitoring to me. It takes years actually to be perfect in whatever you are doing. I tried three times from scratch. First time I started and then left, second time I started and again I left and then I got a mentor DJ Avneet. He taught me in a very good way. He was personally teaching me. He was the super senior DJ in Chandigarh. He gave me the classes. Then I became perfect. As I was mainly into electronic and progressive music, but if you are not playing Bollywood or Punjabi music then you get very few gigs. He taught me everything about barring, about Bollywood and everything.

Anurag: Any challenges you faced or how was your family support

Dimple: Initially my mother, she supported me for my course, for my study of this DJing but my brother was like you have a white-collar job, you are working with a bank. So, they were like why you want to do this because the parent in India don’t understand something like Artist. They prefer business or job. Many times, my brother used to fight with me as what are you doing and why. After that I started showing them the videos that I am travelling to cities and playing for 3000 people, 1500 people. We are club DJs, we are artists. It is little different thing.

Anurag: Any plans to open a training institute or any words of wisdom for new comers.

Dimple: Right now, my life is like too much travelling. So, I am not planning to open a school right now, but yes, may be 5 years or 7 years, when I feel I am getting old, which is not true in case of DJs. DJs never get old. When I am not travelling too much as you don’t have that much of energy to travel every week always. I just want to tell the new comers, or the people who are taking courses, is like until you don’t work hard enough you won’t get enough gigs and the next most important thing is promotions.

Anurag: How was your experience in Lucknow and how you planned to play in Lakhnavi Brew Works – LBW

Dimple: So, there is DJ Jimmy. He is very good friend of Avneet sir, my mentor. He said that we need a female DJ for LBW. Then he introduced me there. It was totally different and it was really very good. I was telling Dilpreet that day, as he was from Patiala and was co ordinating with me. I visited Lucknow 4 or 5 years back and this time it was totally different. I never knew Lucknow had that many clubs in just one building. People are totally different and very good people. People are very decent in Lucknow. It’s like Tehjeeb waha sahar it is called and it is like that only. The hospitality of LBW was very good. The interior , sound and very thing was very good. I liked the vibe of the club and the people who were there. And even I really want to come play there once again.

Anurag: Any achievements you want to highlight

Dimple: There is some achievements like we have songs on spinning records. It is a big record label for electronic DJs. I have two songs, one with the name of Whirlwind and one with the name of ketamine.

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