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The very enterprising and fitness expert Shikha Singh, gave some tips on her fitness routine, in a dialogue with Shivangi Dwivedi recently. A must read for all the fitness freaks for a balanced diet and healthy workout.

Shivangi: In the pandemic where the gyms are closed, how you manage your diet and workout?

Shikha: For me it’s very easy to follow my diet, because right now I’m not going out and I have my own home food, which is absolutely great for your health. Initially when Covid started, gym’s atmosphere was different, but I pushed myself, like to do it for at least 1 hour in my home. Also, I’m into fitness for the last 10 to 11 years. I don’t miss my classes and it becomes my routine. I miss my gym but then there is no another option and I’m somebody who can’t leave the gym, then I thought let’s start with the home work out.

Shivangi: what’s your motivation and enthusiasm towards fitness?. Also is this your childhood dream or something you’ve just fell into and you continuously make it your daily routine?

Shikha: I was always into sports, My father my grandfather were like ‘Kesari pehelwan’ on national level so I guess it is in my blood. I was basketball team captain. Also, Thereafter after marriage, I had two kids, who are teenagers now. It was always in my mindset like I have been so fit into my school and college days. So I decided – I have to be fit again. Initially when kids were small, it was difficult to handle, But when I shifted to Lucknow, and since 2008 I was absolutely regular. Slowly and gradually I speed up my work out and started my trainings.

Shivangi: So people do judge on the basis that why you have to do bodybuilding and why you want to look like men? So did you ever get this remark?

Shikha: So, I ask why not? It will always give you a little pride that you look good and one more thing when you lose weight, you will also make your muscles stronger and if you are not doing this Bodybuilding exercises, you’ll only look thinner, not fit. Strength training is a must. Let me give you a small example – When you broke your leg, the doctors recommend you to go for a walk and do exercises. It makes your bones stronger. And is very important to do the strength exercises, because exercises help to make your bones and muscles stronger and you will look more fit and confident. Also, you improve your body posture and also the biggest myth which is rising that girls don’t have to do bodybuilding because if they do, they will look muscular. We’ll not have that kind of muscular body unless and until we are going into some steroid. We don’t have that much testosterone hormone, so we don’t get that build-up. Also, people get scared but scientifically, it’s not true and also bodybuilding gives you nice shape, nice figure so “If you look good you feel good”

Shivangi: So what are some workouts and weight training exercises that you will recommend us? 

Shikha: Right now we are doing home workout and I take classes also. I run online Fitness Club in the name of “fit forever”. In which, I have around 15 to 20 members and we are getting really good results. People have lost around 6 kg to 7 kg and they have inch loss also. And mental health is really important and for the exercises as we don’t have basic equipment and dumbbells. So we are focusing majorly on bodyweight exercises. which can easily be done at home-like Push-ups. The push-up is a great exercise for the entire body also you can do squats in the home. There are several variations of squats, bodyweight squats and for your core exercises. You can do plank as well. So these exercises are called compound exercises. At a time you are working on 2-3 muscles, thus this really improves your strength and your stamina, because bodyweight exercises are always good. Also, you can do skipping and running if you have some space around, these are common exercises which we can do.

Shivangi: What exercises you will recommend for the beginners?

Shikha: As I’ve already said Push-ups. The Push-up is for everyone. It is like you can do the modified version, if somebody has just started and even, I have met people who have never done exercise in their entire lifetime. So what you have to do is you come on your knees and then can do push-ups for the beginner also you can do wall push up. So these are the exercises for beginners can do. Moreover, initially, it is very important to take care of your form and your posture, and if you don’t you will end up getting injuries. So what people actually do. They watch exercises on YouTube and Instagram. And then what happens is they don’t get the correct form and when they see, there are no results they quit. So it’s very important to have correct guidance about it.

Shivangi: How you manage your work life and fitness? 

Shikha:  My work is fitness only. Also, I’ve a café as well with my partner Manish Bhadauriya. Who is my partner in my online fitness club and my café also. Right now, my Cafe is not working. So I am not involved that much. I am totally into fitness. Fitness is my passion and I really love doing it. Moreover, something which you love. You will always have time for that. And, Currently it’s not safe to go to the gym even if it’s open. I have no plans to go to the gym till the vaccine come. Also, I am very happy with my home workout.

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