Chairman’s visit of Inner Wheel Club of Lucknow ‘Prerna’

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Inner wheel Club of Lucknow Prerna was today visited by the Official Chairman at Hotel Regent Nirala Nagar Lucknow. District Chairman Varsha Vinay Kumar assessed  the social program carried out in 6 months by Inner wheel Club of Lucknow Prerna. Under this, she was taken to IFC Innovative School,  where the children and girls classroom was setup, where children will be trained in dance. 

There, a large glass room was also setup. President Diksha Jain, as an art teacher provides training in this school. Art material was also distributed to the kids. Computer kit was distributed and the training about for the year was also donated.

A puppet show for kids was also organised, through which they were informed about the deceases related to cleaning & anaemia. Soap sanitiser, dettol and medicines were also distributed. Chairman Varsha gave uniforms and 20 tracksuits the children.Their favourite food was also served. Support skates were also given to the participating children in sports.

For small kids toy bank and story book bank was also established. She received grand welcome at the Regenant Hotel. President Diksha Jain was given a collar by secretary Priya Jalan. District Chairman Varsha Vinay Kumar got the collar from IWC members. 

All the guests were welcomed with flowers. Priya Jalan, secretary of the club read out the report and The third club newsletter was released by Varsha Vinay, which was compiled by club editor Ritu Jain. For cancer victims at Ishwar Foundation, 20 cans of Chawanprash and 20 cans of Horlicks were distributed. Almirah for women’s department at PGI was donated. All the work done so far was reviewed. District Chairman Varsha thanked all the members for their social work.

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