Aqua Zumba & Talk Show on menopause by IWC

Myntra [CPS] IN
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Inner wheel club of Lucknow ‘Prerna‘ recently organised a program at Scorpio Club, where Tanya Sahni, Clinical Nutritionist and Entrepreneur curated a very knowledgeable talk show session on menopause. 

All the members asked their queries and questions and got the resolution. They decided to implement the suggestions given in their daily life. Everyone got benefitted by the discussion.

Everyone got the diet chart, which was based on the balanced diet. Also the members did other charities as well to collect funds for the cancer surviving kids, to be donated to Eeshwar Foundation.

The ladies took part in aqua zumba to keep themselves entertained and physically active, which was co ordinated by Aarti. The club president Diksha Jain along with Priya Jalan, Payal Singh, Surbhi Bhargava, Ritu Jain, Pooja Bhargava, Priti Kumar, Shalini Singh, Jyoti Sharma, Garima Sen and Amita Bhargava marked their presence

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Sharing is Caring!