A riot of Colors

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Color makes a design come alive. It can attract attention, set a mood, and even influence our emotions and perceptions. Who says brown has to be boring? Add some red and violet undertones, and you have a full, rich color outfit
Red and purple
Red says “confident and powerful” while Purple says “calming and trustworthy.”
Red and green is one of three pairs of complementary (or opposite) colors on the traditional color wheel; others include orange/blue and violet/yellow. When combined, these colors make a striking, high-contrast impression that can be a little jarring if you don’t use them carefully.
Blue and gray always work nicely together …. but the addition of a light coral pink, along with the brighter blues, gives this combination a little extra sparkle.
Black, gray, and white are always acceptable, usable colors. But add some cobalt blue, and those run-of-the-mill neutral shades become a backdrop for a modern, attractive outfit that could work for any design style, from corporate to trendy.
Contrasting warm grays with cool, glacial blues makes for a dynamic color scheme that’s more visually interesting than your average combination of drab blues and grays.
Calming, spa-like greens and blue — great by themselves — look a little more lively with a splash of raspberry as an accent color. Adding a brighter or bolder accent color to a more restrained selection is a nice technique to liven up a color palette and give it a little extra interest.
I hope that left you feeling inspired. Let me know in the comments section if you know of a color combination that deserves a spot in the list.
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