6 things you should NOT DO when you have a cold

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Most of us suffer from cold during winter and accept it as part and parcel of the season. While that is true, however, treating cold in a wrong way could lead to other consequences and prolong its duration. If you wish to get rid of your cold and be in the pink of health avoid these common mistakes.

Ignoring rest: Continuing with your usual stress and strains, despite a cold, is a blunder you make. Remember, your immunity is low when you are having a cold. Not giving your body proper rest to recuperate will make your cold worse. In most cases, it will take a longer time, than usual, to recover.

Covering your mouth with hands: If you cover your mouth with your hands when you sneeze, you trap more germs in your palms, which will make you sick. Yes, the virus can stay trapped in your moist palms and return to your system. Always use a tissue to cover your mouth, when sneezing, to avoid spreading germs to others and limiting self-infection.

Popping pills: Taking antibiotics to treat common cold is the worst thing you could do. Colds are caused due to viruses that don’t respond to antibiotics. Unnecessary consumption of antibiotics might lead to resistance in your body. This means the antibiotic might not help to treat an infection later when needed.

Staying all covered up: Common cold doesn’t mean you need to stay all covered up and warm. In fact, proper ventilation at home and taking a stroll in the hot sun would help to charge your body and fight the virus naturally.

Not eating well: With a nagging cold, cough and a dull headache you might lose your appetite and interest in food. However, it is important to eat a balanced diet or at least replenish your system with fluids to improve your immunity. Also, having enough fluids like soups and fruit juices along with adequate water will help flush toxins out of your body.

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